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We are thankful for expressing your interest in making a contribution to our blog.

We welcome and love new contributions from our growing community. The site gets about 1+ page views per day, so we need more fresh contents to feed our readers. Here’s what you need to know:


  • The ideal length of content we are really interested in is 1000 words. However, a minimum of 800 words will also be accepted if the content is real good.
  • Make sure your document name is the title of the Article.
  • Guest Post should be 3 headings.
  • Only .doc, .docs, file types are accepted:
  • All image must be in JPG or PNG format. Size should be 1200*700.
  • Ensure that the submitted post is original, unique, and most importantly plagiarism-free, since we will find out the loopholes if any, and hence you may not hear from us again.
  • It should, not the slightest bit contain revolting, or grown-up or develop content, that may hurt the reader in any conceivable manner.
  • I maintain each authority to alter the arranging and wording of your article if fundamental.
  • Maximum of ONE Outbound Link will be allowed in the post including the body or author’s bio. If you convinced me to place a second link, that is fully relevant, I will agree.
  • In conclusion, Don’t send malicious and automated pitches for your visitor posts, be veritable and give me the best of your composition.


  • Kindly send email on livenewspot@gmail.com giving us a brief outline synopsis about the topic you want to write, accompanied by an author bio.
  • Once we agree, we will tell you to write an article on it, after which you need to send the entire article as an attachment.
  • If our editorial team is not satisfied with your first draft, we will tell you to make necessary changes.
  • Once the article is as per all our guidelines, we will send you an acknowledgement mail, when your article is live on our site.

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