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Work Visa for the United States and Corona virus: latest updates.

Hard times for the work visa for the United States. Donald Trump is about to sign the executive order extending the restrictions to foreign workers until the end of 2020. Initially, the stop on visas for professional reasons issued in April was supposed to have a shorter duration. It also concerned those applying for a permanent residence visa or green card.

With the new law, visas for temporary or seasonal work are suspended. In fact, the H1-B visas, widely used by the technological and scientific sector. This immediately sparked controversy from web companies such as Google, Amazon and Twitter.

In 2019, 188,000 H1-B visas were issued across different economic sectors, according to the State Department.

Some professions are exempted from suspension, such as agricultural workers and health workers engaged in missions relating to Covid19. The latter can always apply for the green card.

The announcement of this initiative was made yesterday by the White House. The stop on the work visa for the United States is effective from 24 June. It does not apply to those who are already in the country. Or to those in possession of valid entry documents. At this link the presidential “Proclamation” of 22 June.

The US consul in Milan, Elizabeth Lee Martinez, clarifies that “this does not apply to tourists or ordinary businessmen who wish to travel with an Esta, nor to workers who require B1 visas for service / repair machines. warranty. Suspended visas concern seasonal or long-term employment contracts with US companies and businesses or exchange programs related to work as an au pair. “

We also recall that the Proclamation of March 14 has not yet been raised.

It limits and suspends entry into the United States to travelers who 14 days prior to arrival have been (therefore also those coming) from the Schengen area, from the United Kingdom – excluding overseas territories, i.e. the colonies – and from Ireland. In such case the exceptions are the husbands and wives of a US citizen, a legal guardian of US citizens and other specific cases.

United States work visa: stop at categories H1-B and L-1

The key to understanding this provision is to safeguard jobs for the Americans. The White House reports that 525,000 jobs are being recovered. Therefore it is a move that counteracts the unemployment created by the Corona virus pandemic.

According to preliminary information in the press, the work visa for the United States is suspended in other categories.

This is the case of H2-B visas for non-agricultural seasonal workers, except for those involved in food processing (15% of H2-B). As well as the J-1 visas relating to cultural exchanges, but on this category some sources confirm the validity. L-1 visas for management are also suspended.

Ordinary visas for the United States: Embassies and consulates stop the service. If you are rejected for USA Visa Try for Australian Visa

The initiative to suspend work visas for the United States was in the air. In fact, the US State Department had recalled a few days ago that it had ordered the stop to ordinary visas in all embassies and consulates.

Thus the Visit Usa Italy association informed its associates, among the main travel operators to America: “Embassies and consulates have canceled all routine visa appointments for immigrant and non-immigrant visas starting from 20 March 2020, but they will continue to provide emergency and critical visa services, if local resources and conditions permit.

The note specifies that routine visa services will resume as soon as possible, but at the moment there is no specific date. In particular, an official travel advice page informs about the restrictions related to Covid19. Open it from here.

The embassy in Rome and the general consulates of Naples, Florence and Milan continue to carefully monitor the development of regulations. And they specify that they are informing applicants of pending visa procedures in Italy of the cancellation of the appointment. However, individuals are recommended to check the status of the appointment with their agency. Or log in with your credentials on this website.

Certain categories of non-immigrant work visas.

Anyone traveling to the United States for more than 90 days must be in possession of a visa other than the ESTA electronic travel authorization. The latter is issued only to countries on the Visa Waiver Program list.

Documentation and “bureaucracy” represent a strong barrier to entry, therefore there are many specialized agencies on the market. The same Tmc and travel agencies specialized in business travel make use of consultants. Alternatively, they have their own internal visa offices.

Here are some categories of work visas for non-immigrants, i.e. those who do not intend to move to live in the country permanently.

A, G, NATO: for government or military diplomatic assignments

B1, B2, B1 / B2 also to undergo medical treatment or to attend meetings and conferences because they are not eligible to take advantage of the Visa Waiver Program;

  • And for exports, international trade, investors.
  • I to carry out journalistic / media activities.
  • H, L, O, P, Q, R to work temporarily, is declined in different sub-categories;
  • L1 if company transfer executives and managers.
  • F or M for study purposes, including academic.
  • J is the category of cultural exchanges.