why seniors are leaving California

Why Seniors are Leaving California

Well, California is one of the great US states to live in. But, despite this, many are moving away lately. California is not for everyone. There are a lot of pros but also a lot of cons to living there. That makes a great number of people choose not to live there and pick some other state as their home location. Many consider other states far better than California. The trend shows that seniors are a segment of the population that is moving out the most. But what are the reasons why seniors are leaving California?

Seniors relocate because of…

While others tend to flock to California, seniors tend to do the opposite. Seniors are a social group with specific needs and desires then the rest. This is why they find a number of reasons to move out of California lately. Certain aspects of their life are predominantly influencing this decision.

These aspects are financial and lifestyle-related. Other than that, there are certain direct reasons we can identify:


California is highly expensive. Every aspect of life is expensive. Everyday shopping for life necessities is expensive. Real-estate market and rent too. At the same time, retirees often struggle to make ends meet with their retirement plans. That makes affordability and keeping costs to the minimum a priority for seniors.

This is the predominant reason why seniors are leaving California. In a search for financial freedom, they are seeking out and finding more affordable states. For example, many relocate to start more affordable life in Florida. In this way moving makes their pension last for longer.

Healthcare is one of the reasons why seniors are leaving California

Although California offers a world-class healthcare system, it too is very expensive. This is the second reason to leave. Many seniors are in search of a more affordable healthcare system that can meet their needs. Many are therefore choosing other states to retire to. Arizona, for example, offers a great healthcare system at a fraction of the cost.


Although California’s climate seems perfect, many elderly consider it harsh. Warm weather and dry heat do not always go well with age. This is why many are seeking out alternative locations to move to. They just move and make their new home in Hawaii where the weather suits them. In addition, the high temperatures are getting worse with climate change. California is becoming a fire hazard with many homes and estates burning down from wildfires that are recurring year after year.

Rest, relaxation and recreation are surely the reasons why seniors are leaving California

Many people find California overwhelming and they try to find more relaxing places and recreational options. California is a tourist magnet that is always overflown with tourists. The rush and bustle of the cities leave many people wanting more. They need rest, relaxation, and adequate recreation. This is why seniors are searching for calmer states and communities to enjoy and experience. This is why more and more seniors are seeking refuge in Arizona, Texas, Nevada, and Oregon. These states offer a much more laid back atmosphere, relaxation, and recreation.

So, California is experiencing an exodus of seniors that are fleeing in great numbers. Many reasons influence that. These are just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot to do to stop this trend but the solution is a long way off.