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5 Easy Steps to Make your WordPress Content go Viral

As a WordPress website owner, you might have often wondered about ways to make your content go viral and to attract visitors to your site. While this is not impossible, it is not easy either and requires practice and hard work.

Once you have mastered the technique, it will be easy for you to create blogs, articles and website content that not only has the tendency to increase website traffic, but also get the right attention and become viral. Below are some techniques that will help you create viral content and if you prefer, you can also Hire WordPress Developer to carry out these tasks for your website expertly and cost-effectively.

Create content that connects to popular topics and current events

The content on your website should link to topics that are popular and of interest to people. For this you will have to look up trending topics of last few years to identify the triggers that led to those topics becoming viral. This will help you identify the right topic.

Generally speaking, if you write about news stories, scientific discoveries that connect to the big events of the day, there is a higher chance of your content going viral. For this you can:

  • Recreate content related to topics that are worth mentioning about your industry, or niche.
  • Give your viewpoint and express thought leadership related to a current event.
  • Discuss trending topics with your audience or target group.
  • Make an assessment of how your products and services connect with the trending topic.

Content should relate to the emotions of the audience

Take care to create content that relates to the emotions of the people and brings out awe, laughter, amusement or joy in them. Only when the readers relate to your content and feel connected with it, will they share it with others. Therefore, ensure that content gets shared as much as possible and becomes viral. Do not create content that brings out anger, sadness, surprise or empathy among readers. Videos are a good channel and get viral easily. If you hire WordPress developer, then it is very easy for them to optimize the size of video that has to accompany the content.

Content should be universal

When you engage with bloggers to write content for your website, or a write a post on your own, try and ensure that it is relevant to a wider audience and not just to a handful of people. The more coverage your content gets, the higher will be its spread and higher will be its chances of becoming viral.

Optimize your content and make it rich

In addition to writing about a relevant topic that appeals to the emotions of the readers and relates to a wide audience, you must also ensure that it is rich. For this you must insert posts, images, audio and video files as applicable that can be shared and viewed widely.

You must also use keywords in your content that make it easily searchable. This will require SEO activities such as identification of popular, low-competition keywords that you can use in your content. Mostly you can do this independently of any tool, but today there also a lot of plugins available online that you can use to identify keywords. You can hire SEO experts also to do this task in case you are busy.

Make your content shareable

Gone are the days when a person used to email a file to make it shareable. With the power of social media now in the hands of every user, you can very easily share your content over social media.

The way to do this is very simple. You need to simply include some social media sharing buttons either near the top right side of your blog, or at the bottom. This will enable your audience share the content with a simple click of the mouse.


It is a good idea to outsource your content related work to a professional digital marketing agency who can not only create content but also offer you a package deal. Under this deal you can hire WordPress developer, SEO professionals and graphic designers who can work on your raw content, give it shape and structure, optimize it and then publish it. This ensures that your content has higher chances of becoming viral.

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