Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Trek

Difficulty of Hampta Pass Trek:

Compared with other Hampta Pass Trek in Himachal, the difficulty level is mild and is suitable for beginners. The field is flattened and decorated throughout by lush green meadows and pines. A 12-year-old can walk easily on a trek in Manali. There are tour guides and people available who will support you along the way if you encounter any difficulties, and the camping sites are beautiful and clean.

What is required to get Fit for Hampta Pass Trek:

Have a look on some few point to get fit for Hampta Pass Trek.

Mental and Physical Endurance:

The most important element is the mental stamina. Positive mental thinking can transcend smaller physical shortcomings. Physical endurance plays a major role as well. Daily preparation and exercise make us strong physically. During the exercise time, try to concentrate more on cardiovascular health.


Breathing is a major concern at high altitudes. Taking deep breaths and holding them to conquer this practice. The best workouts are yoga and swimming, it works on both the cardio and breathing.


To maintain a high altitude climb, you need to build your arms and legs solid. To be able to bear loads on your shoulder and climb uphill in an atmosphere low in oxygen, train yourself to strengthen your muscles. In order to improve your core muscle strength, climb stairs with a load on your back at least 3 days a week, do squats, exercise your calves, do pushups and planks. If you are a novice, you can obey the exercise regime strictly.

Important tips during the trek:

Have a look on Important tips during the Hampta Pass Trekking.

  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Eat on a daily basis, eat light. Bring chocolate bars, chew gum and keep them on the journey regularly to prevent tiredness.
  • Alcohol consumption should be strictly avoided.
  • Have garlic to improve the potential for oxygen. Take water with ginger.
  • At lower altitudes, attempt to sleep.
  • To steadily climb the peak.