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Best Tips for Cabo Fishing for The Best Experience

You can think of the 700-mile-long Baja California Peninsula as a giant fishing pier that sticks out of the Pacific Ocean. With its tip at the right angle and latitude, it creates a mix of tropical water from the Sea of Cortez with temperate current coming down the coast. These two water bodies, thereby making it a haven for Cabo fishing.

Cabo has a remarkably stable temperature break that starts practically under the arch at the land’s end and extends many miles out into the ocean. Therefore the anglers of Cabo have a wide range of temperatures to pick from on any given day.

Due to all these reasons, the Baja California Peninsula happens to be a passionate angler’s dream come true. The water coming from the Pacific ocean and Sea of Cortez make the place ideal for great fishing. We will share tips and tricks to help you catch your desired fish.

Be particular with where you will be fishing

When fishing in Cabo San Lucas, people tend to confine themselves to the harbour’s 20-mile radius. The fishing harbour is divided into two halves—the sea of Cortez and the Pacific coasts, with several water banks on both sides. Most of your catch lies within this zone. So make sure you watch out for the fishing reports and know about the sea temperature maps to know where to head for fishing.

If you’re on the Cortez half, the best catch is around the Gordo Banks. One can easily find this place around 11 miles southeast of San Jose del Cabo Fishing. If you’re in the pacific half, your best bet is the San Jaime or Golden Gate Banks. It would be best if you found which location anglers were successful yesterday. Once you decide on the region, head to it with your baits and start trolling before the fish goes away.

Be vigilant

In Cabo San Lucas, you must keep both your eyes and ears. Keep your marine radio close to you as it will monitor the local chatters and other fishing reports coming in from different locations. Moreover, you run a few miles outside your usual visual range in order to witness how things are looking out there.

While other navigational and GPS tools are important, your eye is your primary fishing tool while doing Cabo fishing. Other than the fish, it would help if you also kept a lookout for any breezing fish, floating debris, birds, and other boats surrounding your boat. You must also look out for the color of the water. Remember that you are searching for clean, blue water. Your second-best alternative should be green waters.

Boats and slips

At Cabo San Lucas, the more boats you have, the better your chance of catching larger fish. Cabo Fishing is all about blue water and offshore fishing, which sometimes requires anglers to cover relatively long distances in sometimes less than perfect conditions. Though everything that large cruisers have caught has also been caught from pangas, it would be foolhardy to compare the two. At Cabo Fishing, a boat over 30 feet long offers you an advantage in your quest for a trophy fish or tournament winner.

Always be ready

When trolling your way through the sea, always make sure your bait roads are ready. At any active time, you will find at least 20 to 30 more boats converging at the same spot like you see a flock of seagulls. You could see many hooks and bent roads everywhere. Keep your nose-hooked mackerel ready if there is a sudden toss because it is a competition. The moment you witness a tailing billfish, don’t wait to throw bait. If you make a sluggish action, it will only make you end up chumming with chunks.

These are some of the tips that can come in handy during Cabo fishing. Go for the best fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas for the best experience.


Known as the Marlin Capital of the World,” Cabo San Lucas is the home to a wide range of Striped Marlin, Blue Marlin, and Black Marlin. You can go to any spot, and it will offer the best fishing anywhere for these giants.

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