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Why Do We Like Chats So Much?

Over the last decades, people calmly called each other many times a day. Now, the only person who can be forgiven to call without warning is your mom. That is why nowadays operators’ revenues from voice services have been falling for several years. At the same time, traffic consumption, including popular chat messenger, such as NEEO Messenger, is only growing. Changing the structure of consumption of communication services towards messengers is already a well-established trend. The life of society has become so dynamic that it is important for people to promptly transmit information 24 hours 7 days a week. The key requirements are speed, security, and conciseness at an affordable price, regardless of the user’s location.

Due to these facts, a significant part of the communication will migrate to instant chat messengers, because they are great at ensuring privacy. This is very important in current times because of the pace of our life and information flow collapses so much. It leads to an overload of the brain, which processes the abundance of impressions. Every day, residents of large cities meet with thousands of people, entering into fleeting communication with them from eye contact to short dialogues. Moreover, a fairly busy work schedule and the need to solve a million tasks simultaneously pushes us to switch from calls to messages. It literary saves a huge amount of time when you send a message, comparing to a phone call, which can be left without an answer.

A phone call either invades the fabric of the day if it is not agreed in advance, or the call is coordinated in advance – this is a whole story. On the contrary, the message does not require any special preparation! You can read it when it is convenient for you and answer when you want to. In general, this is about greater respect for individuality – both of other people and your one. At the same time, it remains possible to switch to a video call at any time of communication. It is also possible that these are signs of a gradual change in etiquette. After all, the purpose of etiquette is the predictability of mutual behavior in everyday communication for mutual convenience.

It seems to us that the popularity of instant messengers is due to several understandable reasons.

First of all, it is a truly more convenient way of communicating. The instant text messaging format makes communication easier in the modern world. For example, by phone, you can either dial a person for a long time or not get through at all. On the contrary, in the messenger, a message is sent with lightning speed, which a person will most likely be able to read and answer. This is much easier than calling back.

Secondly, a telephone conversation causes stress and tension to a sufficient number of people. Not all of us can take and calmly call from a stranger or an unfamiliar person. Thus, writing a text message, in this case, means relieving yourself of unnecessary stress.

Thirdly, the text format of instant messages is incredibly convenient in that it allows you to edit messages before sending them. This feature makes it possible to send a thoughtful and correct text other than a flow of different ideas. This is especially useful for business correspondence because it is much more difficult to think over all the nuances before a telephone conversation.

In conclusion, it is possible that the structure of communication will continue to change. Letters to children and parents in the next room, a message instead of a kiss goodnight – this is already at the level of a trend. However, it is difficult to predict what will actually happen next, so stay tuned and we will tell you the first!

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