Ethical Hacking

What is Ethical Hacking?

Hacking can be categorized on the basis of its uses and purpose. If Hacking is Used against the law or for someone’s own profit then this type of hacking is not a good one. On the other hand, If Hacking is used for someone’s welfare then this kind of practice is appreciated. Hence Below in this Article, You will read about its types and its phases that how hacking is done?

Types of Hacking

  • White-Hat Hackers (Ethical Hackers) – This type of hacker is called Ethical Hackers because they do hacking practices for someone’s welfare. They provide security and services to being protected from attackers.
  • Black-Hat Hackers – This type of hacker steals someone’s credentials and make unauthorized access without any permission. They hide their identities as this act is against government rule.
  • Grey-Hat Hackers – This is the mixture of both kinds of hackers. Hackers sometimes have to make unauthorized access to make their system secure. They act according to the situations.

Phases of Hacking

  • Footprinting – This is the first step of the hacking where attackers try to gather information on the target such as IP address, Operating System, etc.
  • Scanning – This is the second phase of Hacking in which using the 1st phase they try to get more information about the target. By doing Google hacking etc.
  • Gaining Access – This is the main part where actual hacking is done. In this the attackers find out the back door and try to make access to it.
  • Maintaining Access – After Gaining Access, they insure their access by making another administrator account so that they can’t lose their access over it.
  • Clearing Tracks – When they finally establish their access into the target, they clear all the logs file so that no one can track them.

What is Google Hacking?

Using Google, Hackers try to exploit the target with the help of gained information from Google searches. Google Hacking is very useful for gathering information, It comes under the first phase of hacking (Footprinting).

Tools Used For Hacking by Ethical Hackers

Various Tools are used by Ethical Hackers, Some famous tools are listed below:

  • Nmap
  • Metasploit
  • WireShark
  • VPN
  • Maltego etc.

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What is Anonymous Hacker?

This is a group of Hackers founded in 2001. They hacked many government Projects, Organizations, Government Authorities, etc. They are internationally active and exploit many counties.

Ethical Hacking

Courses for Ethical Hacking

You can enroll for CEH, this is a Certified Ethical Hacking Course known also for Ec-counciling. This is the best course for your career to ensure your future. This certification is accepted in many countries. If you are looking for any such course then you should register for it.

Online Video Classes

If you don’t have enough money to pay for the CEH, you should try there you will find the best courses with ratings of Ethical Hacking. In that you will get each Module from the basics to the advanced level. You must try those classes also to enhance your knowledge.

Phishing Attacks

This is the most common and famous attack used by hackers. In this attack, Attackers make a duplicate page or you can say make a clone website. If you are browsing to Facebook or Gmail then they make the same look Gmail page and ask you to fill the details. When you fill all your details then all the information will send to the attackers and they use it to exploit you. So it is advisable to avoid clicking any such links.