Gatsby WordPress

How is Gatsby WordPress Websites ruling the World in 2020?

During the previous 10 years, technology has changed the way these blocks will be used during website development. When you remember the concept of machine code and the assembly languages, the compiling Visual Editor of the higher-level languages and writing these codes are more convenient for the developers. The combination of static site generators like Gatsby and content management system like headless WordPress is a combination of easy to use front and back-end with the no-code facility.

Why is Gatsby WordPress the market leader?

Some of the benefits of using JAMstack technology for website development are;

Hosting a dynamic site requires your server to be compatible together with your technology stack. If you’re working with a static site, you’ll host it on almost any server, which brings down the value related to hosting too.

Google ranking is higher and improved visibility of the website attract more visitors whether you run an e-commerce store or blogs or any other business.

The primary advantage of building a static site with Gatsby is speed, which webmasters are trying to optimize since Google’s ranking of using site speed in web search.

The website is secure because of de-coupled front and back end and the bunch of static files being served, there’s nothing much to hack.

How does Gatsby WordPress Work?

This static model of WordPress is referred to as headless WordPress serverless WordPress. This conversion method is accomplished simply as soon as so that the equal web page may be served to site visitors a couple of times. How do you change your WordPress webpage to a static model? This is where Gatsby comes into the picture. WordPress is the Content Management System that has been ruling the website industry till today is designed to create dynamic websites, which require the technology stack of PHP, MySQL, and Apache or Nginx at the server to run. It is feasible to create a static model of WordPress through producing a listing of HTML pages for all the content material for your site.

Gatsby WordPress Themes allows everybody to create feature-rich, attractive web sites and applications. GatsbyJS is a static website generator that has been designed with ReactJS and powered with using GraphQL. Gatsby fetches facts on your web website online from lots of assets along with existing web sites, API calls and flat documents via GraphQL, and builds the static web website online primarily based on configuration settings exact with the aid of using you. A massive range of customers is giving Gatsby a try because of its extended features and benefits. 

Why should you choose Jamstack Website?

Modern stack web designs are based on decoupled client and server-side that is capable of including more images and video to your website without affecting the loading speed. The design team is dedicated to the design only and don’t have to look into server-side development so the designs are more efficient and effective.

The new stack architecture is based on the JAMstack Technology that describes JavaScript, APIs and Mark-up based on the micro services adding several benefits to the website. JAMstack websites have proved a solid position in the market and have been appreciated and loved by the developers.