Back Pain

Specific Hamstring Stretches for Back Pain Relief

Tight hamstring muscles are a standard contributor to lower back pain. The hamstring muscles run through the rear of every thigh from the hip right down to the rear of the knee.

The following stretches can gradually lengthen and reduce tension within the hamstring muscle, and successively reduce the strain felt within the lower back.

Details for hamstring stretching exercises, listed from most difficult to least difficult, include:

Standing Hamstring Stretch. Standing, bend forward at the waist with arms hanging down toward the bottom and with legs straight, without locking the knees.

Attempt to touch the toes but don’t strain to try to do so. Stop bending forward when a small pulling sensation is felt within the hamstring.

This type of exercise isn’t always recommended because it could also be difficult to try to do, and even exacerbate pain from a lumbar ruptured intervertebral disc, spondylolisthesis or other specific conditions.

Chair Hamstring Stretch. Sitting on a chair, place one leg straight out on another chair ahead of the body. Bend toward the toes and stretch one leg at a time.

Towel Hamstring Stretch. While lying on the rear, hold each end of a rolled-up towel and wrap it behind the foot. Then pull the leg up ahead of the body to feel a small stretch within the hamstring muscle.

Wall Hamstring Stretch. Lie on the ground, with the buttocks against a wall and therefore the legs stretched up against the wall. Attempt to push the knee as straight as possible. This stretch is typically gentle on the lower back, because it places minimal stress on the low back and therefore the body is supported while lying down.

Hamstring stretches are shown to be best when finished a duration of 30 to 60 seconds.

 Stretching should be done twice daily and on a daily basis.

 It is often easier to recollect to try to to the stretches if they’re incorporated into a daily routine, like when getting up every morning and getting to bed each night. You can also buy soma sleeping pills for relief for the pain.