Snapdragon Vs Exynos Vs MediaTek. Best Processor for SmartPhone

Which Processor is Best for Mobile ?

Snapdragon Smartphones are becoming smarter Nowadays, Even Smart Phones are upgrading day by day. 

So, it’s very difficult to know that Which Processor is best for Mobile to buy? The processor is termed the brain of the Smart Phones. So it’s very essential to settle on the most effective processors for mobile. The processor is very to blame for the lagging, Heating, and Battery Draining. 

So here a number of the points you must know before choosing any best Processor of mobile. i’m gonna tell you in very simple and straightforward language so you’ll are aware of it better. i’ll tell about Snapdragon vs Exynos vs MediaTek, which one is that the best processors for mobile.     

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4 Things to understand Which one of the following is the Best Smartphone Processors 

Architecture Every Processor contains a definite architecture upon which the processor works. This Architecture is created by just one Company that’s called ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) which issues the definite architecture like Cortex A-5, Cortex A-9, Cortex A-53, Cortex A-57, etc. Highest the Cortex Version better the Architecture like Cortex A-9 is best than Cortex A-7, and Cortex A-59 is best than Cortex A-57, etc. The battery Utilization for this kind of processor is Low as we go higher in the Cortex Version.

Technologythe scale also matters in Architecture, In any processor, there are millions and billions of small transistors are there. Smaller the dimensions of Transistor, Faster and efficient the processing and also the draining of the battery reduces. Samsung Ranks the highest because it makes its transistor size of 14 nm. Whereas, In Qualcomm the size at 20 nm for MediaTek Processors varies from 26 nm-28 nm.

3. No. of Cores – No. of Cores simply means it’s the power to divide the cores consistent with their requirement and processing. If any processor contains 2 cores, then it can utilize both the cores during a single piece of labor to form the processing faster. It can divide both the cores to try to to two different pieces of labor in order that processing won’t be interrupted. Dual Cores having 2 cores Quad Cores having 4 cores Octa-Cores having 8 cores. Generally, Octa-Core is healthier than Quad Core and Quad Core is best than Dual Core but not altogether cases. Architecture is additionally important during this case.

4. Frequency(GHz)we regularly heard about the GHz and clock speed. Generally, we all know a number of the processors is of two GHz and a few of 1.5 GHz. Every processor consists of a clock consistent with which any processor works upon and schedule their add proper order to execute. 1 GHz means the processor will execute 10,00,00,000 (100 million) in One Second. it’s that much fast that we can’t Imagine its execution. It depends upon the sort of Processor Higher the GHz better the Performance. 2 GHz is healthier than 1 GHz so on.


On the premise of those 4 Types, you’ll easily understand Which Processor is best to shop for. Whether it’s Exynos or Snapdragon or MediaTek, you’ll be able to seek for its Specification within the same order because it is mentioned above.

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