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5 Common Leather Jackets Types That You Must Have In Your Wardrobe!!

Leather is forever. Be it leather bags, leather shoes, leather belts, leather hats, or leather jackets. If you are a leather lover, we are sure that the major sections of your wardrobe will be filled with these leather items. Even if its 99%, you will not be hesitant to reveal before others. Spending on leather items is luxury and shows a high status in society.

We have different leather products to discuss, but, here, in this blog, we are only focusing on leather jacket. We hope you will get to know a lot more than what you know about leather jackets now.

You often go for leather jacket shopping and get confused while picking the one for yourself. It happens so because you find varieties of leather jacket in the market and you cannot buy all of them as they are expensive. You wish to invest in such a garment that would be used in most of the places. So, to make it easy for you, we have given the list of 5 common leather jackets that you must have in your wardrobe.

Leather Bomber Jackets:

Also known as a flight jacket or aviator jacket, it is one of the most comfortable leather jackets for all. Unlike other tight-fitted leather jacket, bomber jackets are relaxed-fits. It was worn during World War I for the first time by the soldiers to keep them warm and comfortable. These jackets are a bit loose at the top and fitted as it comes down. It’s a versatile choice as it goes best with almost all the outfits and for almost all the occasions. You just have to pair with denim jeans and a plain t-shirt.

Leather biker Jacket:

If you are a bike rider, you cannot miss out on a leather biker jacket. As the name suggests, it is a protective layer for you and your body while riding a bike. It protects you from the high-intensity wind coming from the opposite side and saves you from getting injured in case of an accident. Traditionally, these leather biker jackets were heavy-weight to protect the riders from accidents but, today, you will find light-weight leather biker jackets with the same protective feature. It gives an attitude while riding a bike. To make it more impressive, you should pair it with pants and a round neck sweater along with leather boots.

Leather Blazers:

Blazers are often used as professional wear so you can even impress your colleagues in your office with a leather blazer. With leather blazer in your wardrobe, you will add an exciting factor to your formal outfits. Generally, leather jackets are not allowed as formal wear in the offices but, with a change in fashion trends, leather blazers are not permitted as formal wear. It does not look like that you are going for a party; it will give a professional appearance to you look.

Leather long Jackets:

Unlike other leather jacket, the length is more in the leather long jackets. The design of the jacket is very simple with zip or two buttons in front. The length of the long leather jackets extends below your hip. If you wish to have a cowboy look, then a leather long jacket will be the right choice. Generally, this jacket is worn by the farmers while working in the field. It will give a very classic look to your personality. To make it more effective, you should pair it up with a pair of jeans and light-coloured t-shirt. Besides, you can wear a leather cowboy hat and a pair of long leather boots.

Leather sheepskin Jackets:

The material used and style of the leather sheepskin jackets is very different from the other options mentioned above. Also, these jackets are warmest and you can survive the most extreme climate after wearing them. The internal part of the jacket is covered with sheepskin that makes it warm and comfortable to wear. You will even find sheepskin in the collar and at the end of the arms. As compared to other leather jackets, leather sheepskin jackets are a bit expensive because they are made up of two costly materials.

After knowing the leather jacket types, we hope you will not commit any mistake and will select the right option stock to up your wardrobe. Lastly, you should check the type and quality of leather, stitching pattern, cut and fit, quality of the zip, sleeves and body lining, and other finishing details before buying a leather jacket.