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Good Travel Destinations If You’re Recovering from Alcohol Addiction

Whether you’ve been in alcohol abuse recovery for quite some time or have just started an alcohol treatment program, you learn that you need to avoid temptation. This is especially imperative when you first begin a program, but it still remains vital after you’ve been in a program for quite some time. Therefore, Travel Destinations whenever you choose vacation destinations, you’ll probably want to find locations that have an abundance of activities besides clubs and bars.

As with any Travel Destinations, it’s important to determine if destinations are open and if you should practice precautions to help keep yourself and others free of disease while you’re travelling.

New Jersey Shore, New Jersey, USA

New Jersey has beaches and plenty of oceanside activities for you to enjoy. Lay out on the beach and relax or choose to explore the sea life at Jenkinson’s Aquarium in Point Pleasant. Stroll along the boardwalk and explore other attractions in Asbury Park, a city made famous by singer Bruce Springsteen.

Besides having plenty of options for activities and multiple beaches, Ocean City, New Jersey might be a good destination for those who are in a rehab for alcoholism because the city is a dry town. In other words, you can’t purchase alcohol there.

You can purchase alcohol elsewhere and bring it to Ocean City, but you can’t purchase alcohol in any of the restaurants or establishments in town. You won’t find any bars in the city.

Caribbean Sea

If you want a sober vacation that you’ll enjoy, why not consider a Caribbean cruise? Although you may associate these cruises with mixed drinks flowing and people partying, you may opt for a cruise ship that prohibits alcohol. You won’t be able to bring alcohol on the ship and you also won’t be able to purchase alcohol onboard.

What you can do on the cruise is enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean and the palm trees when you arrive in the Caribbean. Cruise ships do their best to provide activities to keep guests occupied, so you’ll be able to dance and partake in various other activities while you’re on the cruise. You’ll enjoy your vacation while maintaining your sobriety.

Orlando, Florida, USA

The Orlando, Florida area has various activities that you can enjoy without alcohol. You can ride amusement park rides and enjoy the attractions at Walt Disney World, which bills itself as the happiest place on Earth. You might want to visit Universal Orlando Resort or take a stroll through SeaWorld and witness the wonders of the sea up close.

Many attractions in and around Orlando are family-oriented. Several places prohibit alcohol at the park or attraction. When you visit a theme park, many don’t sell alcohol (or charge very high prices if they do), so you may face fewer temptations.

San Antonio, Texas, USA

Although alcohol is available throughout San Antonio, the city has so much to offer that you may not have time to think about taking a swig. Instead, consider filling your time in San Antonio with a tour of the Natural Bridge Caverns.

You may opt to take different public tours of the caverns or choose a private tour. You’ll learn about the caverns’ different structures. One tour takes you into hidden passageways throughout the caverns. At the caverns’ site, you can also choose above ground activities such as zip rails, rope courses, and rock climbing.

As an alternative, you might choose to go to Sea World to see exotic sea creatures and killer whales. Six Flags Fiesta Texas might be just what you need if you’re the adventurous type, or even if you want to take a walk through the park, enjoy the food and music, and opt for other activities.

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Travel Destinations

Nashville, Tennessee is an exciting city full of history. It’s known as Music City. You can opt to go on a backstage tour of the Grand Ole Opry or a tour of Belle Meade Plantation. You can also take the Nashville Old Town Trolley Tour.

If you like spooky adventures, you may want to take the Nashville Ghost Tour. If you’re the adventurous type, you may want to visit Adventureworks Nashville, where you can enjoy zip lining and other activities.

Nashville isn’t just a sober tourist destination because of everything the city has to offer in terms of activities. In 2017, The Daily Beast ranked Nashville as the soberest city in the United States. The city has various support groups and 12-step meetings and many welcome visitors, so you’ll have support if you need it.

These destinations are choices you may want to consider if you’re completing the steps of alcohol recovery because you won’t have the temptation of alcohol. Plus, every option on the list has a number of activities that help you stay busy your whole trip and keep your mind off of drinking. Many of these Travel Destinations options are ideal for socialization without alcohol, so it might be good to consider some Travel Destinations.