Australia Visa

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What is eTA for Australia?

The ETA system was introduced in Australia to make it easier for travelers to enter the country, and by electronically linking their passports to authorities at Australian airports. Australian airports check-in staff will confirm your visa electronically during your trip to Australia. Citizens of over 50 countries can apply for an eTA for Australia. The information provided below will enable you to learn more about the Australian eTA along with the Australian visa requirements more closely.

The electronic authority of Australia allows you to travel to this country, whether you are on a business visit or a tourist visit, for a short term period. It is not necessary to print or paste a visa slip in your passport or visit the Australian embassy for this purpose after obtaining an eTA for Australia.

The validity period of an eTA visa for Australia is 12 months. You can travel to Australia multiple times during this period, but you cannot stay more than 3 months in one visit. .

Visa requirements Australia

Citizens of more than 50 countries can apply for an eTA for Australia by meeting the following requirements.

The passport number on which you will travel to Australia as an eTA will be linked to that number. You must have a valid credit or debit card or PayPal account to pay the Australia eTA fee. You will need to re-apply for eTA if you have lost, or replaced, your passport after first receiving an eTA. If you are 11 years old and want to study, or participate in a class for over 4 weeks, you will need to pass a chest x-ray before starting your studies

It is possible to be penalized or the visa can be canceled if:

  • You will work during your stay in Australia.
  • You have tuberculosis while traveling and entering Australia.
  • You did not leave even after the end of the validity of the visa.
  • Travel with criminal charges

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Benefits of eTA:

Mainly there are three advantages of using the eTA visa such as:

Economic savings: You can save a lot of money spent on travel and document submission from the applicant’s location to the embassy of the country concerned by applying for an ETA to Australia or any other country. In the eTA system, all required documents can be sent to the authorities within minutes via the internet after scanning. Plus, you can get a response about your application in less than 24 hours after applying for an ETA.

Efficiency over time:

Traditionally it was a penalty for applicants to fill in a lot of information on the Australian visa application form. It was also frustrating for the authorities to check the information and process it as it was a very time-consuming procedure. The introduction of eTA has made the whole process very quick and easy as you can now get Australia eTA approval within 24 hours of applying for your Australia visa online.

Increase in revenue:

The introduction of eTA has been shown through various studies to increase government revenue. Most of them have started charging an additional fee for processing online applications as they have to cover operating expenses and maintenance of the portal that is used for that purpose.

Most countries charge around 20% extra fee for processing online visa applications for Australia or any other country. The convenience of getting eTA quickly and easily has also increased the number of tourists traveling around the world. It has been revealed through various reports that the number of people traveling around the world has increased by 15-20% in recent years. They also said that the eTA has also proved useful for some countries’ economies, as people visiting with an eTA are spending 15-20% more than people visiting with a traditional visa.

Thus, it became easier to visit Australia after the introduction of eTA in the process of applying for an Australian visa. The eTA has made it convenient for both applicants and authorities to apply for and obtain the eTA for Australia with a validity to enter the country for 12 months and to visit it as many times as you want