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SEO Content Writing. How to Write SEO Articles

SEO Content Writing Both Google and our customers love content! In 2017, there were more than 3.8 million Google searches per minute and that number is expected to increase this year. To satisfy the growing demand for content, search engines grant greater authority to those web pages that create content on a regular basis. But not just any content is worth it. The contents must be perfect for each search, need or desire of the users, they must be original, attractive, complete and positioned so that it is easily accessible to users.

Due to this need to create attractive content for both users and search engines, SEO copywriting arises . It is the fusion of professional digital marketing profiles: copywriting, the person in charge of writing attractive texts and articles that encourage the reader to consume our content and take action on our website; and the SEO professional profile, which was in charge of positioning our website in the main search engines. Therefore we can conclude that the objective of SEO copywriting is SEO copywriting adapted both to meet the needs of search engines and users.

If you want to attract more traffic to your website through SEO writing and using SEO copywriting techniques, pay attention and take note of the following points:

Optimization of content with relevant keywords

Once the valuable keywords have been detected , it is necessary to correctly incorporate them into our content (web text and images) so that they position and appear at the top of the search engines.

Writing SEO texts is not an easy task. The keywords must be included in the texts naturally, they must appear in the areas that Google assigns them the most value, such as titles, URLs or images and we must also be careful not to abuse the use of the keywords.

If we do not include keywords in our content, we will not rank; but if we use them in excess, we can be penalized for it. The task of a good SEO copywriting expert is to know where the limit of the use of keywords is, to create good content for users and that, in turn, are optimized for search engines. Content SEO is a laborious but essential task if we want to have a good SEO positioning.

Length of texts

This is a hotly debated topic among the SEO community. It is true that a blog post with an extension of more than 1,200 words will be easier to position than one that only has 400. However, the positioning of content depends on many more factors, such as the existing competition for the keyword, if Keywords have been incorporated into important areas of the text, the type of content in question and if it is content that has been linked. If your content meets these requirements, it will not take a long text to rank well.

Remember that the most important thing is to have good content: complete, optimized and designed to please users. Better short and concise texts than large newsrooms without valuable content.

Writing good content.

Remember that you must write for the user and not for the search engines. For good copywriting SEO copywriting, follow these SEO copywriting tips:

Knowing our readers: we must know who our client is, and find out what their needs and desires are in order to adequately convey our message to them.

Capture attention: when users enter our website, it is because something has caught their attention: the theme, the images, the design … we must distinguish our content from that of the competition, bringing out the unique virtues of our product or service .

Have a good writing: the seo texts must be correctly written and must have a fluent reading.

Incorporate a call to action or Call to action: calls to action encourage the user to carry out a certain action, such as buying a product, generating trust, accessing our website or subscribing to the newsletter.

Review the texts: it is always advisable to review the texts before publishing them to detect faults and possible editorial improvements.

It uses synonyms of the keywords to position : increasingly Google is taking more into account the semantics in its algorithm and recognizes the synonyms of the keywords. So don’t tire your readers by exploiting the main keyword.

Be careful with duplicate content.

The texts that we create must be original and unique. It is not worth copying and pasting content from competitors and incorporating it on our website. Google easily detects duplicate content and seriously penalizes it. If you create original content that incorporates the main keywords and adds value to the user, you will have all the ingredients to appear in the top positions of Google and that your content will be more easily shared, both in the Google environment and in the main networks. social.

Attractive titles and containing keywords.

We need attractive titles that catch the user’s attention, to encourage them to click and consume our content. However, if we want to position it, it must contain the main keywords, since the main title of a page, known in the programming language with the tag H1, is a fundamental field in SEO positioning.

Google positively values ​​those contents that are correctly structured. So when creating a post or landing page, organize the information using titles and subtitles. Having SEO Content Writing for these tasks is interesting, since we need hook titles to attract the attention of users and that also include the main keywords to position.

Take advantage of the first paragraphs and use bold in the text

The first few paragraphs are highly relevant to search engines, so take advantage of them to include the main keywords along with engaging wording that captivates the reader. On the other hand, Google considers that the words that we have highlighted in bold throughout our text are relevant within the context and gives them greater importance in terms of positioning. So when writing SEO content, don’t forget to boldly highlight your keywords strategically and without abusing.


URLs are another field that search engines consider important, so don’t hesitate to include the main keywords in this valuable field. It is recommended that its length is not more than 115 characters.

Create metatitle and metadescription, optimized and eye-catching

The metatitle is the title that appears in blue in the search engines and the meta description is the small summary that appears below in gray.

Both fields are highly valued by search engines. In them we must include the main keywords to position and must be carefully writing them to attract attention. Therefore, in addition to incorporating the main keywords, it takes full advantage of knowledge in SEO Content Writing, and includes the aforementioned call to action or calls to action, to encourage the user to click on our content and access to our website.

Image optimization

Images are valuable content that transforms our pages and articles into something eye-catching and visual. Like the texts, the images must be optimized and for this we must assign descriptive titles and an ALT attribute that includes the main keywords to position, to improve SEO Content Writing positioning .

On the other hand, they must have an adequate size and weight, since if they are very large and heavy they will worsen the loading speed of the web and we will lose positioning. When uploading the images to the web, we will adapt them to the necessary size and also, we will try to reduce their weight as much as possible. There are many free online tools to compact your images like tinypng . com and reduce the loading times of your website.

Internal and external links

Links are essential to obtain a good SEO positioning. 

The internal links are those who go from one page to another within our website. Thanks to these links, Google easily tracks our entire website, reaching all the content (if we have a good internal link structure), distributing authority between the different pages of our site. It is very important that in blogs we have well structured related articles, so that the web authority is transferred correctly.

On the other hand, external links are those that refer to another web page. For example, in our post we can link to a website external to ours, which supports our argument, or another website can link to our post because you liked our content a lot. External links express the authority of a page. If many pages link to our content, Google considers the content to be good, worth sharing. SEO Content Writing aims to create quality content and encourages it to be easily shared on social networks and other websites, so we will easily link to our content.

Create a corporate blog

Many companies only create content for the main pages of your website, and they lose this interesting tool to capture traffic.

Having a blog on the web allows us to have new content on the web on a regular basis and therefore its creation is recommended when you want to position a website. The corporate blog must be related to your sector. With the corporate blog you will get traffic from users interested in your product or services, you can talk about the benefits of your products, talk about the latest news in your sector and become a benchmark in your field. You will undoubtedly get the most out of your blog if you use SEO copywriting in posts.

Creation of an editorial calendar

It is essential to have an editorial calendar. Like any other digital marketing strategy, organization and planning are necessary, and search engines will appreciate that you upload content periodically and continuously to the web. With the editorial calendar you can create a good distribution of content throughout the year and better organize your time.

In the editorial calendar we will include all the content that must be created, the content formats: texts, ebooks, infographics, tutorial videos, articles, podcasts, etc., the title of the post, the date of publication and the person intended to produce it.

The type and format of the content will depend on the type of company and the target audience. For this reason it is necessary to analyze the activity of the competition and the target audience, to know what types of content they consume and how often.

Have a comprehensive SEO strategy

SEO copywriting is a fundamental part of the web positioning strategy. However, its efficiency depends on other factors, among which are: on-page optimization SEO, which consists of optimizing our website so that it lives up to the demanding Google algorithm and achieving good web authority, developing together a link building strategy to get and control the external links that link to our page, so that these links are of quality and transfer us web authority.

Therefore, we must carry out a complete SEO strategy that integrates these 3 factors to achieve the best possible results in search engines. For that you can also hire the best affordable SEO services.


Although it is still difficult to find a copywriting profile that handles SEO Content Writing copywriting and on-page SEO, time and necessity will make this profile evolve rapidly along this line. Originally traditional media such as newspapers, they have evolved their wording to adapt it to the needs of the digital world. SEO copywriting aims to provide a more complete service and create better quality content for both users and search engines.