Electronic Signature

How to Select the Right Electronic Signature Provider?

Businesses and Industries have shifted towards the technologically advanced option of using electronic signature software because of its simplified procedure of acquiring and recording signatures. There have been a plethora of e-signature services available such as FilesDNA, which help and guide you in choosing the right Electronic Signature Provider.

While there might be several questions that shall arise which you decide upon the right electronic signature software, it is quintessential to mention that e Signature software should not only adhere to security, data privacy, and customer satisfaction but should also have a simplified operation procedure. 

The right kind of electronic signature software should provide authentication of signing electronic documents to ensure no privacy and tampering issues. The e signature software should enable the detection of any information changes readily, thereby declining the chances of intercepted hacking. 

Furthermore, the right form of eSignature provider would assure satisfaction about the entire signing procedure to develop trust and reliability in your business. On the contrary, this shall also act as a rescue in a legal setting in any dispute.

Here are some of the necessary criteria that must be considered while selecting the Right Electronic Signature Provider: 

Integration of e signature software with Internal System: 

The e Signature software shall be used in conjunction with the existing Company system. There shall be no potential threats during the up-gradation of the system to adopt electronic signature software. Although, this calls for the expertise of the electronic Signature Provider, who should be conversant with the company’s procedure. 

For ensuring the factor of integration, your electronic Signature Provider would walk you through the procedure of integrating signatures into your business. You can also communicate with their professional service team to learn more about the same. Furthermore, the eSignature software requires API so that the integrating process can be facilitated. But in the absence of the same, this can impact your business. 

User-Friendly: A user-friendly electronic signature software would make the signing electronic document convenient and ease the technological barrier. There shall be variations in the complexity of the software relating to the type of electronic Signature Provider that you choose. Your clients and customers can easily navigate and understand the procedure that would save time and resources on both ends. 

Generally, the electronic Signature Provider has numerous types of signature formats, and it depends upon you to select the suitable kind that shall be convenient for the users. eSignature services like FilesDNA provides a wide range of user-friendly options for signing electronic document. 

Geographical Barrier: If your business or company operates in an international sphere or across numerous regional jurisdictions, you need to select a service provider, such as FilesDNA, which connects globally. FilesDNA’s eSignature global network provides over 99.99 percent service availability worldwide. With a robust global footprint and expertise in local regulatory requirements, they can help you achieve the required means. 

Mobile-Friendly Digital Signatures: The use of mobile phones in the workplace is essentially high, and there are possibilities that your customer would search for mobile-friendly options during digital signature. This saves time and would also make the process more efficient. Thus, the limitation of the procedure to PCs and Laptops can act as a barrier in the transaction process. Therefore, your service provider should also provide you the desirable option of mobile-friendly signature services. 

Security and Data Privacy: Security is an important consideration when selecting an eSignature provider because it protects you and your clients. There can be potential security threats like data loss, malware, botnet, viruses that can tarnish your company’s reputation. There can also be questions raised on its validity in a legal setting, and thus, audit trails can suffice as proof in such cases. Therefore, it is advisable to seek security assurance from your service provider and audit trail preservation. 

When looking for eSignature providers, encryption is an excellent security measure that shall prevent data tampering by 3rd party. Furthermore, to protect the documents, your digital signature provider must use encryption like Secure Sockets Layers.


With the growth in customer and employee expectations, there has been a rapid demand for digitization. eSignatures have become a popular solution in the digital ecosystem. You must choose the right Electronic Signature Provider who can adhere to all the essential requirements laid down before them. 

The complete documentation and contract signing process has been efficient and sped up using e-signature software. Your reasons for switching to the digital platform are the answer to why you are going paperless and why you need the right service provider who can meet all the norms and requirements.

Author bio: 

Mohammed Sahib Al-Din is the Founder/Owner of Borderless Security & FilesDNA E-Signature Software. Having graduated from the University of Technology with Electronics and Electrical Engineering and Oxford Executive Leadership Programme, including two CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) certificates from Cisco Company in Security & Data Center technologies. He began his career as a System Engineer in Burj Al -Arab (7 Star Hotel).

Being a professional for more than 25 years, Mohammed Sahib has made many achievements to his name. These include Security Consultancy to the US Army, he also created Arabic Engine Support, Flash (Adobe), Multimedia Engine that was sold to Nokia Mobile, Macromedia, and Microsoft, respectively. Before FilesDNA, he was also a consultant for various Corporations and Enterprises in UAE & Europe/UK.