affordable housing in Brooklyn

Guide to Affordable Housing in Brooklyn

Finding a place in NYC isn’t that difficult. The market is very quickly updated and it keeps on expanding due to the ever-growing demand. However, finding affordable housing in Brooklyn or any part of NYC for that matter isn’t something that’s as easily achievable. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you should give up. It only means that you should get ready to put in a bit more effort than you might’ve planned on.

The ugly truth

Finding reasonably priced housing in Brooklyn is much harder than it was before. Although prices have dropped since 2017 in some parts of New York, they’re rising continuously in Brooklyn. This has resulted in many Brooklynites moving to other areas of the state or changing their addresses even more drastically. However, if finding affordable housing in Brooklyn is something that you truly want, there are ways to get it.

Housing lotteries

Although it’s something that not a lot of people would consider, this unusual way of getting affordable living space in Brooklyn might be the way to go. You can apply for it via an online portal or using a paper application. However, you need to inform yourself on the matter a bit before doing so. There is, of course, certain criteria that you’ll need to meet. Luckily, there are many reliable sites where you can get plenty of information.

Use the pandemic to your advantage

Although the ongoing pandemic isn’t something to be happy about, there are good and bad sides to every story. Don’t waste the opportunity to find affordable housing options in Brooklyn during this time. Chances are that the prices that have gone down, for this reason, will be properly marketed. This means that you shouldn’t have to go through too much trouble to find these places. However, make sure that everything is legitimized.

Find reasonable landlords

Another way to choose affordable and reasonable housing in Brooklyn is to look for landlords that are fair and honest. The best way to do this would be to have someone that you already trust recommend them to you. If this isn’t an option, try to come up with a strategy that’ll make it easier to see through possible deceit. Another way to make sure that you aren’t being tricked or overcharged is to hire a good lawyer and have him be present during all the bigger decisions and more important documents.

Avoid making mistakes

A big part of finding affordable housing in Brooklyn is getting everything around it right as well. Simply getting a home that’s not pricey won’t do. There are so many additional costs when it comes to moving. Making smaller mistakes can add up much more than only overpaying for one thing. Here are some of the worst moving mistakes you should try to avoid:

  • DIY-ing – No matter if you’ve already gone through relocation or if this is your first time, you probably don’t have that much experience. Many people make the mistake of going at this alone. This can make the fact that you’ve managed to find an affordable living place in Brooklyn nearly irrelevant. There’s no way to actually know home much you’ll spend by the end of your move.
  • Hiring a fraudulent company – Making the mistake of hiring companies that aren’t ethical or that aren’t meeting your needs is a common mistake. Fortunately, it’s one that could be avoided. Try to keep your eyes wide open when interviewing the people you want to hire.
  • Packing – One of the biggest packing mistakes that could end up costing a lot is not wrapping and packing your items correctly. You can lose or damage a lot of your precious belongings this way.

Have patience

One of the biggest problems when it comes to finding a good option for affordable housing in Brooklyn is that it cannot be done right away. Even if you find a place that meets all your terms and wishes, you won’t be able to move in that quickly. Thinking ahead is the best way to get the best-priced apartment.

If you’re in a hurry, you won’t be able to afford to wait for the best offer to come to you. Your landlords or companies that you’ve hired will sense that you’re desperate and will use that to their advantage. This is why it’s important that you start planning as soon as possible. Don’t leave anything up to chance.

Hire movers to help you make affordable housing in Brooklyn even cheaper

If you don’t exactly see how packers and movers can help you save money during the move, that’s understandable. However, you’d be surprised. There are so many tricks that experienced and established moving companies know that you just have no way of finding out. If you hire a company that’s truly a good fit, you’ll not only know how much you’ll end up spending, you’ll also save up quite a lot.

Choose wisely

Moving companies that offer transparent and upfront pricing like are a good way to save up on your move but still have a good experience. Make sure to look very carefully. In order to actually choose the right company, you need to know what you want. Make a list, starting from the essentials and moving down to the details. Discuss all these points and see which company is ready to offer you the best deal.

Stay informed

When it comes to finding affordable housing in Brooklyn, one of the most important things you could do is stay on track with the prices. Luckily, seeing how the internet holds many facts and keeps them readily available, you won’t go through too much trouble doing so. There’s a lot of different sites that can help you get to the most current info. Make sure that you double-check anything that you find.