Custom Archive Boxes

Custom Archive Boxes and Packaging

Custom Archive Boxes are available in various shapes and sizes, and they can be altered, designed according to the customer’s business and preference. Archive boxes take very little space in your home or office but are efficient to adjust a lot of items in it. They can be manufactured into any shape you want. Archive Boxes are the solution to almost all of your problems. You have to be very accurate and precise about the size of your archive storage box. It should be according to the storage items that are to be stored inside of it.

To keep your official documents safe or protected from any damage, they require proper storage boxes. Archive storage boxes are very beneficial; they do not keep documents safe from external harmful effects like water, dust, or any other impacts but keep your record fully managed. The official contract of any business is the fundamental objective of archive boxes. Quality is always the most prominent focus of every buyer. The material of the box is the main feature of any product as the archive boxes are made up of high quality material which ensures safety. The archive boxes are the best solution to keep your files and documents of the company safe and sound.

Custom Archive Boxes

Organize your items in Archive Storage Boxes

There are a lot of customization options to help you get the best and innovative archive boxes. Archive boxes can be modified according to your preference. If you have any particular preference with you, you can ask the printing company to follow the design to best fit your requirements and needs. However, if you do not have any design in hand, there are a lot of graphic designers who can offer you numerous design options according to your choice.


You must use the finest materials for the manufacturing of our Archive boxes and quality tested material. Consumers tend to get attracted to high-quality boxes which are sturdy and hard. 

Low Production Costs:

Nowadays, the beautiful packaging of a product is more necessary than the beauty of the actual product packed inside. Therefore, companies spend a large amount of their money in making the boxes more beautiful and captivating by using flamboyant designs and delicate patterns coupled with expensive build materials. Even though it may seem to boost sales in the short term, experts know that this can be a burden on the company in the long term and can curtail the growth of the company if the expenses in this regard are not checked. Custom boxes wholesale present the answer to all your solutions in this domain too. Their raw material is less costly and also easily available. Therefore, companies do not need to spend a huge amount on them. On the other hand, they are also easily customizable, so they also solve the problem of beautification of the product and can be customized in any way necessary to enhance the aesthetics and beauty of your product.

Going Beyond the Expectations:

Whenever a customer buys a product, he/she usually wants the product packed inside to be in the best form. The other luxuries given by the packaging come as an extra and enhance the customer experience. The companies may make the box hangable so that it can be managed easily by the customer, or even in shops, it can be hung, so it is easily visible to the customers and does not have to compete with a dozen other products placed on the shelves.

Companies can also make the cartridge slidable so that it can be moved in and out of the box easily and add to the comfort of the customer. 

Manufacturers can make die-cut in the box and place a transparent paper so the customers can have a good look at the product packed inside. All these extra customizations enhance the customer experience and add to the marketing of the company.

Eco-friendly Material

Eco-friendly archive boxes are manufactured from high sturdy compostable and recyclable material that reduces the worst impact of the boxes on the environment and ecosystem. These boxes are easy to assemble and provide competition to any packaging solution for the files and documents.

Archive boxes are utilized for stockpiling of records and archives. It is made with foldable covers, and document storage boxes are like cardboard paper boxes. These amazing quality custom archive boxes hold less cost at this point. In contrast, these boxes help you to stuff your items safely. This custom box is ideal for storing records and written archives. These handmade cardboard boxes are shaped suitable to be used inside working environments, books storage, etc.

These custom archive boxes can be utilized for various purposes, which clarify its interest in the market. It does not have any kind of effect on quality if you need these paper boxes for at-home use or for official purposes. 


Have you ever thought about why you need Archive Storage Boxes with different and vibrant colors? Well! With Custom Box Makers, you do not have to keep your stuff in outdated dull shaded custom boxes. It ends up being hard for a person to review where the archive ought to be. For your convenience, to save you from this exhaustion, CBM offers a colorful custom box that has a name engraved on it. This makes it super easy to identify. 

CBM takes care of our clients, in light of the fact. Only by impacting efforts can we build and flourish our relationship with each other. They give the choice of putting in free custom proclamations so you can unquestionably and promptly get to the box.

Customization Options:

Use of different sizes and shapes:

Archive boxes come in various shapes and sizes. It entirely depends on the companies what kind of shapes they want. But the most used shape is a rectangular box because it gives a good grip and does not slip easily. Moreover, being less in width makes it easy to fit such boxes in the pocket, which is always a plus point. 

Use of Colorful Logos:

Logos are the representatives of your company and a symbol of pride amongst the others. If a customer can identify your product by seeing only one thing from a distance, it will inevitably be your logo, printed with pride on the chest of your custom boxes. It makes your product stand out from others when on a display shelf. The use of colorful inks and vibrant designs in making your logo will make your product a hit and make it sell like hotcakes. 

Use of Add ons:

The add ones include silver lamination, gold lamination, gloss and matte lamination, UV ray lamination. It endeavors your archive boxes. Embellish your box with decorative materials and embark on success in the market. These laminations keep the product inside the box protected, secures it from any external damage, either it is in the form of dust or moisture and dampness.