A picture of a nice home with a front yard that could help you find your new home in Maryland.

Find Your New Home in Maryland: Top Cities to Move to

At some moments in our lives, we wish to relocate and start our life over. For sure, this is not always possible. But once it is, you need to do everything properly so you can manage to relocate with success. There will be so many things you need to think of. And too many decisions you have to make. Moving is a process that lasts for quite a long time. So being picky and taking your time until you are certain is very important. One of the most important things you have to do so you can relocate at all is to find your new home in Maryland. There are plenty of places to see and check out before you decide. And we prepared the best options for you. Check them out, calculate your budget, and see what you can afford and what you like. 

One of the first places you should check out when trying to find your new home in Maryland is Gaithersburg

There are plenty of nice places in Maryland. Especially if you are looking for a calmer city for families, where you can find anything you could possibly need. You will have plenty of options, but we truly believe that Gaithersburg is the best one. This is a town in Maryland, located in Montgomery County, that has 68,827 inhabitants. Most of those inhabitants are young professionals and families. And they all tend to be liberal. Residents that are here longer than one year confirmed that it is one of the best places to live in Maryland. No matter what you need, you will be able to find it. Even though it is a smaller town, it has everything. No matter if you need a restaurant, coffee shop, or even a park. The area feels urban and suburban. Those two feelings mix as you are walking around. It really depends on the neighborhood.

It is important to know the prices and costs of living in Gaithersburg. The median rent here is $1,811, while the median home value is $427,400. And what is interesting is that the situation between owners and renters is 50-50. If you plan on working in this town, you should know that the median household income is $98,089. Places like Sodexo, Emergent BioSolutions, and Edgewood Management are always hiring. Here you can really have a pleasant life. Even moving in can be like that. You will be able to rely on local experts. On a moving day, Gaithersburg movers can help you out no matter what you need. And believe it or not, you can also count on help from your new neighbors. People here are very friendly, and it is easy to get used to that.

Aerial view of Baltimore during a sunset.

Another great place worth checking out is Baltimore

Now, something completely different from the previous place. Baltimore is a city in Maryland that is more for people that prefer living in buildings and big cities that rarely sleep. As per the latest reports, 592,211 inhabitants are living here, and most of them are young professionals and families. In general, it is a better city for young adults than for elders. No matter what you need and at what moment, you will be able to get it in no time. Coffee shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, shopping malls, and even parks. Baltimore has everything one could possibly need. Public transport is well advanced as well, and it is very practical. However, there are plenty of other things to consider that can help you decide about this city. So, let’s see what more there is to learn.

When it comes to prices, this will be shocking information for you. Baltimore is quite more affordable than Gaithersburg. Here, the median home value is $175,300, even lower than the national level. And the median rent is $1,146. Even so, for just a 2% difference, there are more renters than owners. The areal feel is also a mixture of urban and suburban here due to many neighborhoods and parks you can walk around and chill at. Another fact that is very surprising is that the median household income is $54,124. And that is lower than on a national level. Some of the places you can check out if you want to find a job are Under Armour Inc., the University of Maryland Medical Centre, Johns Hopkins Hospital, and many other places.

Urbana is a great choice when looking to find your new home in Maryland

Located in Frederick County, Urbana has only 12,841 inhabitants. But even so, there are not many people living there, those who do would never relocate. A small place where you can have your peace all the time is what everyone needs. The area feels like a mixture of rural and suburban. Most of the residents are families that have moderate political views. Because there are a lot of children, Urbana has highly-rated schools. And if you plan on having kids or you have them, this is very important information to know. If you need restaurants or coffee shops, you can find them around any corner. And more importantly, there are plenty of parks as well.

Now even though it is small, this place is not the cheapest. The median home value is $544,800, and the median rent is $2,254. However, it is good to know that the median household income in Urbana is $168,633, which is much higher than on a national level. Places that are hiring all the time are Edgewater Federal Solutions and Decisive Communications. Because of the financial situation and possibilities, as much as 79% of residents here own their homes rather than rent. So, it might really be worth choosing this place for your new home.

Colourful buildings in Annapolis.

Make sure you consider Annapolis as well

When it comes to Annapolis, this place is not only great because of the statistics but for other reasons as well. The location and place itself are stunningly beautiful. There are plenty of islands and places to chill beside the water. And this is amazing when it is spring and summertime. Even picnics during autumn can be fun here. You will find many places for grilling outside and hanging out with friends. Annapolis is amazing because it is a suburb of Baltimore. So, no matter what you need that you can’t find in Annapolis, the big city is just behind. There are 40,581 inhabitants living here. And most of them are families and young professionals that tend to have moderate political views. Annapolis is among the top places in the United States, and it is worth giving it a chance.

The median home value in Annapolis is $428,600, while the median rent is $1,618. There are 58% of owners, and that is for a reason. When it comes to the median household income, it is higher on a national level being $92,026. However, Annapolis is great for tourism, so investing in real estate and making a B&B here would really pay off. Some of the places to work here are Towne Park, Ledo Pizza, Boatyard Bar & Grill, and many others. Schools are not the best, but they are above average, that’s for sure.

Rockville is also one of the places where your new home in Maryland could be

Life in Montgomery County is definitely a great option you could choose for yourself and your family. Rockville is a town with 67,095 inhabitants. The area feels urban suburban, and most of the residents are families and young professionals. And they all tend to lean liberal. You will also be able to find public schools here, and they all are highly rated. There are few private ones, so you might want to check your options on time. Most of the residents own their homes, and the median home value here is $554,800, while the median rent is $1,994. However, the median household income is $116,031, and that is really high when compared with other places in this State. 

Ocean City in Maryland.

Remember to take your time so you can choose wisely

It is very important that you don’t rush into anything when trying to find your new home in Maryland and relocate to it. People that do most of the time regret doing that. But that is not acceptable since buying a home is a huge purchase. It is not like you are buying something you can return back if you don’t like. That is one of the reasons why you need to think about this much longer than one night. Also, choosing the first option you like would also be a big mistake. Remember that this is also a family matter. Everyone should agree with the final decision. And you all need to think about needs and obligations. If you have a job near one place, and your partner has a job further away, you must find something in the middle. It is all about doing things together and compromising.