Everything You Need To Know About Travelling After Covid-19

The outbreak of the coronavirus and its rapid spread worldwide has had an unprecedented impact on the travel and tourism industry. Although some airlines like Qatar Airways are still flying, including rescue flights to repatriate people to their home countries, many carriers have almost shut down for now. Hotels dismiss employees by hundreds of thousands. After weeks of several ships getting stuck at sea, many cruise lines sailed in the summer.

Travelers are trying to cancel trips and get a refund or save future plans. In short, the travel industry has never experienced panic, change, or disruption on such a scale.

A significant number of people in immigration and health screening queues!

We already see with China, Singapore, and South Korea countries that feel as if they are at the peak of their epidemics, that the most significant concern now is new infections coming from outside. Korea orders all people coming from the US and Europe to be isolated for two weeks, even if the COVID-19 test is negative. Persons without permanent residence are sent directly to the isolation ward.

Thermal camera manufacturers see a sharp increase in demand. Even travel has resumed in many countries of the world, still those countries are testing all the passengers at airports and this tradition will continue.

Great and Hot Deals But!

In the short term, airlines will extend their waivers, making it easier for travelers to create and change plans, like offering cheap flights and hotels. It also draws attention to the economic stress on everyday people and says that it will make finding offers even more important for people who hope to travel. We don’t know how long this virus will show up or what airlines will make decisions in a few months. Check the airline return and cancellation policy. If rebooking options are acceptable to you, great.

But we encourage people to wait for us to know when the world can return to normal conditions before they book their trips.

You Won’t Only be Needing a Passport

Some countries will not even take the opportunity to carry out tests at the border. Especially if you’re from an epidemic hotspot. You will not be refused entry unless you have an immunity certificate because you have recovered from an infection or because you have been vaccinated. Indeed, in the short term, the journey will become more determined by the destination. All business trips will need to be strictly approved as a business, and companies will increase the number of employees who travel for them. Countries will most likely open their borders only where the justified and safe passage of travelers.

This may mean temporary visas and additional documentation that you need to take with you on your journey. Many working airlines have already started these practices, like Qatar Airways and more.

Uneven Recovery

We can already see that the factors affecting this pandemic are many. The severity and schedule of blocking agents, the resilience of health systems, weather, and other factors work. This means that some countries and regions will recover first. We’ll see how the recovery corridors open one by one.

Touchless Travel

The most immediate and perhaps the most visible change will be the transition to a contactless journey from the airport curb to the check-in. Even with strict cleaning protocols, exchanging travel documents, and touching surfaces during check-in, security, border control, and boarding still pose a significant risk of infection for both travelers and staff. Automation in the entire sector will become a new standard. Bio-metrics is already a widely accepted solution for identity verification, and their use will become more widespread as physical fingerprints and hand scanners are withdrawn.

More contactless options will come into play, including contactless fingerprint, as well as iris and facial recognition.

You will Pack Differently

Whether you’ll be taking first-class cabin or Cheap Flights, all the people will be wiping their tables and seats thoroughly before they sit down to take off.It can become a norm, and it is not so comedic, we are heading for hand washing, and the only way to do it when you are on the move is by using a hand sanitizer. We can also observe a relaxation of the restrictions on the fluid transfer because travelers want to take more than 100 ml, especially on long-haul flights.

Along with travel hand sanitizer packages, it is quite easy to predict that many more people will travel with masks. In the same way that companies like Away produce luxury, fashionable travel luggage, we will most likely see desirable travel masks worn by Instagram influences.

But Above Everything, You Will travel Again

Despite the tragedies around the world, with entire countries closed to the outside world, all the experts we spoke with were convinced that the journey would eventually resume and be as satisfying as ever.

Although the experience may look and seem different when the world begins to reopen, people can count on the transformation and positive impact of travel to change their lives and places they visit for the better. We just hope it will happen again sooner than later.


Qatar Airways is working closely with global authorities to implement the latest COVID-19 guidance for their travel and to provide the best services. All the other airlines will be following the same. Keep in mind the above-discussed things for your next travel.