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Green storage explained

Do you need to rent a storage unit, but on the other hand, to be environmentally friendly? Do you know what is green storage? Simply said, it is the practice of using a variety of clean energy storage methods and products too. Benefits of having green storage are lower costs in a long run, preserving energy, and improving efficiency as well. By using it, you care about our Earth and future generations. 

All the benefits of green storage

These types of storage facilities use smart and new technologies such as solar panels (usually incorporate a self-sustainable power system). In most cases, green storage units are cheaper, and it is a big benefit for your wallet. Save money and our planet, at the same time – what is better than that?

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Reasons for renting a storage unit

If you are still considering renting a storage unit and hesitating, you should know that there are different reasons why people rent a storage facility.

  • Renovating a home – where to store all your furniture while you are painting the walls, changing floors, renovating a kitchen, etc? Do not take a risk and keep your items in a safe place such as a storage unit. This way, you can renovate, and all your belongings will not be damaged during that process.
  • Moving to a new home – if your new home is not ready, you can store all your items in storage. Or if you moved to another state and you did not find a house yet, you cannot put all your items in a hotel where you are staying. 
  • Changing relationship status – starting to live together with your partner often includes saying goodbye to some of your things. But, you do not have to throw all the items away if you rent a storage unit. 
  • Downsizing – if you are moving to a smaller home, there will not be enough space for all your furniture, decoration, and clothing. 
  • A safe place for vehicles and equipment – if you have a motorcycle for example, and it is snowing, a storage unit is a safe place where to put your vehicles during the winter months.
  • Decluttering a home – make your home look bigger and open by removing all the unnecessary items. If you are running out of space just look for storage units near your home.
  • Renting a storage unit for business needs – in a storage unit you can store goods or documents if you own a business.
  • When people are traveling a lot – people that are in transit a lot often do not want to rent a big home because they do not need it. Having a storage unit is cheaper and more practical. 

How to make green storage?

For residential or commercial reasons, storage units are helpful and very useful in both cases. Now when you know what are all the reasons why people are renting a storage unit, you need to know how to have green storage. With a couple of simple steps, you can do a lot. Save the environment and your budget too.

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Start the process of healing our planet and make it better for your kids and future generations. Be aware that our natural resources are in a limited supply. You do not have to have green storage to be in this process, there are also ways to make regular storage – green. Here are some simple tips on how to accomplish it.

Use reusable plastic bins

One of the first steps is to get reusable packing supplies. Avoid using bags and ordinary plastic. They are not good materials for the environment. The good thing is that plastic bins are reusable, you can use those bins many times, for years. Buying plastic bins is more expensive than buying bags, but in the long run, it is a cheaper option.

Use cardboard boxes

Try as much as you can to always store your items in sturdy cardboard. They act as a protective container just like any other plastic bin. Cardboard is biodegradable, and ordinary plastic is not. Make sure that cardboard is made from recycled materials, but even if it is not – it is still biodegradable.

Recycle packing materials

Use packing materials that are recycled and also, you should recycle as well. If you moved and you do not need moving boxes and wrapping foil anymore, send the materials to a recycling center. Another solution is to pass them along to friends and they will use them again. Recycled materials are easy to find, and companies such as Capital City Bins have them.

Try zero waste

Try to reduce waste when moving and go zero waste. Do not throw away your newspaper, use them for wrapping fragile items instead. 

A stack of cardboard boxes used in green storage

Donate/sell items

You will need a smaller storage unit and fewer packing supplies when you have to store fewer items. Separate items and decide what to keep and to which items to say goodbye. Do not be emotionally attached to the items. Ask your friends and family members if they want to take some items.

The rest you can donate to charity organizations or sell them and earn some bucks. When donating, you can get some tax benefits, which is another benefit. To sell items, post them online (for example on social media) or organize a garage sale.

Every little green step counts

As you can see, getting green storage is not a complicated process. With some simple steps, you can do a lot and help the environment. If we all do just a little bit, the results will be amazing.