leaving Europe for Seattle

Leaving Europe for Seattle – 5 challenges you’ll have to overcome

Moving away from home is not an easy task for anybody. Not only you need to leave your old life behind, but you also need to find the best ways to adjust to the new environment. Since from now on, there is a brand new place in front of you, you have to make it feel like home. And, if above all you are relocating to some other continent, the adaptation is, logically, a bit more complicated. However, there is always a good solution for everything. It’s crucial to stay informed and to make a good strategy. In order to help you out a bit, we made a list of 5 challenges you’ll have to overcome if you are leaving Europe for Seattle.

1. How much for a good life in Seattle?

The first thing most people think about when planning a relocation is the financial side of the story. It is highly important to organize your budget well. You have to make it suit your needs in the new place you are moving to. Now, if your target is Seattle, you should know one thing- living costs there are a bit higher than in some other average city, especially on its west side.

On the other hand, we also have the question of buying or renting a new home. Housing costs in Seattle are high as well. It is not easy at all to find a family house and for an affordable price. Therefore, it might be a good solution to invest in some smaller property at the beginning. Later on, when things settle down a bit, you can always find a good way to extend your home and make it more comfortable.

2. The distance – one of the things you need to deal with when leaving Europe for Seattle

Every relocation takes time. And, when it comes to international relocation it is clear that the situation is even more complex. That’s why dealing with that all alone is really a huge step to make. Basically, it is almost impossible. Therefore, getting dependable assistance is a must in these situations. When you have a group of experienced and well-organized professional movers by your side, you can be sure that everything is under control. It will still take some time, of course, but it will also be less stressful.

Mentioning the distance, just for example, if your starting position is somewhere in Europe, it is not unusual that your Seattle relocation lasts for more than 3 months. So, are you still planning to do it all by yourself?

3. The Seattle Freeze

Well, this would be the first association when someone mentions people from Seattle. Namely, all over the years, there was a strong belief that it is a pretty hard task to find friends in Seattle. It is not like Seattle citizens are unfriendly. No, not at all. The thing is that they just do not show a lot of interest to communicate with anyone. They were always described as distant, cold, and distrustful, especially when it comes to meeting newcomers. Therefore, if you are thinking about relocating from some European city to Seattle, getting a warm welcome might be something you cannot expect.

However, things change over time. Since people from all over the world come to live in Washington State, it may be that nowadays the atmosphere in Seattle has changed a bit. What’s more, before you pick your neighborhood, you can always consult your chosen moving agency upon the topic. Every good mover offers a variety of helpful options that have to do with the relocation matters. Therefore, it would not be unusual at all if they have some first-hand information about what neighborhood is the best solution for people from other countries.  

4. Getting to know the rules

Before you definitely decide to settle down in the largest city of Washington State, here is one thing you should know. There would be a kind of problem for all those European citizens who would still like to use their driving license when they come to live in Seattle. The thing is that, unless you are not coming from Germany, you will have to do your written and driving test again, if you want to get a license in Seattle. This is because Washington State does not consider foreign driving licenses as valid. So, don’t be surprised when they ask you to renew your knowledge and do the testing. Yet again, here we have another strong reason to hire movers since you probably will need someone to transport both your home and your vehicle from Europe.

5. Seattle’s weather

If you are interested in what the weather will be like in your new hometown, then this is where you will find the answer. Seattle has a moderate maritime climate. This means you can expect generally mild winters, and not too hot and dry summers. On the other hand, rainy days will soon become common to you, since this is the type of climate that may have high rainfall during a year. So, get yourself a raincoat and a pair of good boots and step into your new adventures. And if you by some chance have an idea of decorating your balcony with some flowers, or if you want to build a whole garden, try to pick some plants that will be able to adjust to these kinds of conditions.

Well, that would be it. Those were the 5 challenges you’ll have to overcome if you are leaving Europe and moving to Seattle. Now, you know what to expect. Anyway, keep in mind that nothing is perfect. Every place can be at home. All you need to do is to try your best and make it feel like that. Therefore, don’t waste your time and make it happen.