fire ladder

Is the installation of a fire ladder a necessity or luxury?

The human mind eliminates the thought of having their workplace or home devastated by fire. However, when we look from a pragmatic perspective, isn’t it necessary to guard your home or workspace from all possible dangers? Well, then installing a fire escape ladder for home has to be a must!

After all, buildings can be re-established, but fire doesn’t just damage bricks and mortar. It is a sheer threat to human beings trapped inside a building caught with fire. 

Here, we have made sure to list the importance of fire ladders for escape and why you shouldn’t be cutting down on a budget when installing an escape ladder. 

1-Smoke alarms are not enough:

While installing smoke alarms is an important investment, so is having a fire escape ladder for home. Smoke alarms in case of fire can detect and warn you way ahead of time, but what good will the smoke alarms be if you are trapped inside a building that is in flames? 

Therefore, just being aware of fire is not enough; you must have an escape plan, which helps you to get out of the building at the earliest. Even when all the routes to exit the building are blocked, the fire escape ladder for the emergency exit will come to your rescue. 

2-Inexpensive safety measures:

Are you worried about the budget for installing a fire ladder at your two-story building? Let us tell you that you are fretting for no obvious reasons. Fire escape ladders are an inexpensive purchase, which rarely affects your budget. You do not have to invest many dollars to keep your loved ones safe.

Several varieties of fire escape ladders are available in the market; you can select the one that best suits your needs. Depending on the manufacturer or the retailer you buy the fire escape ladder from will also affect the cost. 

3-Ease of usability: 

Generally, a fire escape ladder for home is designed while keeping the ease of usability in mind. Therefore, these are one of the simplest escapes or exit routes in your home. Also, fire escape ladders are the best for older people and kids, as they come with anti-slippage abilities to ensure safe exits from the building in an emergency.

However, practice a few drill runs with your family and help them get acquainted with the escape route. During critical situations, there cannot be any room left for error. 

4-Your mind will be at peace:

You must be wondering –what is the correlation between peace of mind and fire escape ladders? If there is anything –it’s the complete opposite. But you might be wrong in assuming so. A fire ladder is indeed an extra element of safety offered to your working or living space. 

When there is a breakout of fire in the building, and you have already had a fire escape route set out, you will certainly be at ease that your co-workers or loved ones won’t be trapped in a haywire situation. You could exit the building without any difficulty. 


The fire escape ladder for home is mostly inexpensive; this is the right kind of investment for you to ensure that your family is safe. This article has covered some of the reasons you must keep in mind while you are indecisive about installing a fire escape ladder.

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