Insufficient Storage

How to Fix Insufficient Storage Available Error in Android Phone

If you are a smartphone user, I am sure you must have seen this alert once in your life. No matter how advanced we get or how much money we spend on buying the latest smartphone, we still face this inevitable and perpetual issue of ‘low storage space or insufficient storage space’.

Insufficient Storage – Whenever we try to add a new app or a photo, or video, or any other media, the phone refuses to let it enter. The fun part is, going into the settings leaves us with visible empty space but we never get to know why this message is flashing like a red alarm on our screen. Well, the reasons are many. Some noticeable, some unnoticeable. 

Android devices and storage space go hand in hand. Every time a manufacturer launches a new Android smartphone, they boast about its storage space. So and so GB is its internal memory and so and so GB is its expandable memory. But nothing seems to help in reality. 

Well, we can get past these troublesome conditions if we follow up with a number of procedures on a regular basis. I know it can be a bit annoying to hear but it is less annoying than seeing that low storage alert every time you try to add something on your phone. Also, there are a couple of methods for this. But here I have chosen only the quicker ones. 

So ready to know those quick steps that can make your Android function without any such alarming messages? Let’s get started!

Steps to fix Insufficient Storage Availabile Error

Clear junk files and cache

Clearing junk and cache is of utmost importance as all other reasons are secondary and this reason for the occupied storage space is primary. You can manually remove cache from the settings menu or you can choose another method which is handy and highly effective. Using an Android Phone Cleaner App will do multiple tasks for you along with finding and wiping off these junk files and cache from your phone.  

Breakdown the storage space- internal and external

Having a check on your storage is one of the basic things that you must follow if you do not wish to see that error message. For best management of storage on your phone, breakdown its storage. Use an external SD card to store more and bulky data while the internal storage to save apps. Saving your memories in the form of videos and pictures on a SD card is the best option to operate your device hassle free. Moreover, the transfer of such media files is easier here. 

Remove unused or less used apps

Believe it or not but the apps that are just like sloths on your phone, I mean the one which are of no use or are used only once in a blue moon, occupy a lot of resources on your phone, hence making it slow and low on storage. In this case, you can uninstall the apps. Meanwhile, you can manage a healthy storage reserve on your phone and reinstall the apps only when you actually need them.

Remove or disable bloatware

Other than unused or unwanted apps, there are these bloatware or you can say pre-installed apps. Smartphone manufacturers provide users with their new phone all studded with the necessary apps. These generally include social media apps. If you do not use them, then disabling them from settings menu or uninstalling them will be a good idea. It will leave you with a spacious device, hence letting you operate it with ease. 

Shift to cloud storage

If you do not wish to put an external storage device like SD card, you can directly transfer your data on a cloud storage. It is a space reserve on which you get to store your data for free for a limited amount of storage. After that you can pay a nominal amount to buy more storage. But generally, the free storage provided is more than sufficient, specially on the Google Drive, you barely need to buy storage. Another benefit of cloud storage is that all of your data is sync and it is supported on all the major devices. 

Use a file manager

A fle manager can greatly reduce your hassle of managing almost everything on your phone. It can organize all the media files, applications, etc in a few taps. Such an organization of files will let you segregate useless and used media files and other such entities. This is exceptionally good for deleting large files. For this, you can download either a dedicated file manager or a cleaner app, both will do good. 

Factory Reset your Android device

It indeed is a painful step unless you transfer all your files in advance on a reliable place. But this process works wonders. Factory reset is a long and hefty process because you need to transfer all your data, of course, if you do not want to loose it. Next, you have to refurbish your phone all over again. Factory reset gives you a phone as good and simple as a new one. This step will delete everything on your device, including cache, junk, unwanted and wanted apps, media files, adn everything else. Thus, freeing up its memory and hence its storage space.

So, this was all about fixing the insufficient storage error. Do let me know in the comments section which one would you like to follow and if it turned out to be beneficial for you. Keep Saving more!