INCREASE SITE VISIBILITY: 7 strategies that really work!

Are you wondering how to increase site visibility on search engines but you don’t know how to do it, or are you looking for new and effective strategies? All you have to do is take 5 minutes of your time to read this page.

What I will describe below are some effective strategies that if implemented jointly will allow you to significantly increase your online positioning.

However, remember that increasing site visibility is possible, but this is linked to various factors that vary over time. The definition and implementation of the right mix of strategies to be adopted is therefore the result of constant practice and experience.

Increase site visibility: SEO / SEM

Increasing site visibility is an activity closely linked to two disciplines: search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). The effective implementation of SEO / SEM techniques and methodologies makes it possible to: check site positioning; increase site traffic and increase website visits.

Through the adoption of SEO strategies, it will be possible to improve positioning on search engines. Therefore increase site visibility on google for free, while with SEM the immediate increase in visibility is linked to the purchase of paid advertising or adhesion to campaigns PPC (pay-per-click). The SEM is therefore suitable for a short-term strategy while the medium-long term SEO.

Seo and Sem are entirely based on single keywords (keyword) or a group of words (long tail), inserted in search engines or search engines. Researching and understanding which keywords users use to reach a keyword research site is essential for implementing SEO strategies or SEM campaigns aimed at increasing the visibility of the site itself.

SEO strategies:

Google is the main search engine and there are about 200 ranking factors that its algorithms evaluate in order to establish a hierarchy between pages for a given search. However, the algorithms are constantly updated (Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Hummingbird, Mobilegeddon, Fred, RankBrain). Excluding from taking into consideration blackhat seo activities (buying links, link stuffing, etc.) to increase site visits, we report some factors of on-page seo and off-page seo useful for seo positioning on search engines:

Title Tag: Google gives a lot of weight to the words placed at the beginning of the Tag Title (H1), so strategically include your keyword or focus keyword at the beginning of the Title of your page / article, but also in the H2 and H3 (subtitles ).
Seo friendly URLs: use short and easy to remember URLs that include your focus keyword (e.g. site visibility)
Multimedia use: use different multimedia formats (photos, videos, infographics, etc.) in the posts you publish, taking care not to “weigh down” the page / site
External links: include at least two external links to sites whose authority is recognized (institutional sites, popular blogs, government information or cultural sites, etc.)
Website speed: The loading speed of your page or website is not a crucial ranking factor but it does have its value. It will therefore also be necessary to optimize: images, CSS, Java script, flash, etc. On the net there are various speed monitoring tools among which we point out GTMetrix, Google Page speed insight and YSlow
Social buttons: make sure your site has share buttons related to the main social media
Internal links: remember to add 2-3 internal links referring to previously published articles / pages to the new post to be published

  • Image optimization: inserting the keyword in the alt text tag of the image will allow you to increase site visibility and traffic from the Google image search engine
  • Link building or Link earning: this strategy consists in creating backlinks, which are nothing more than quality links to your site from other websites. These are considered by Google as an index of the quality of your content. Receiving many backlinks therefore gives “authority” and “popularity” to your site favoring indexing. There are essentially two ways to generate backlinks:
  • Implement an effective digital public relations or Digital Pr campaign in order to obtain from other blog / website owners and
  • Social media influencer creating links to the contents of your site
  • Create relevant content that can generate curiosity, interest and encourage the natural creation of links to yours
  • Site (link baiting)

As you can see, improving your website through SEO is a broad and constantly updated topic, so for further information it is advisable to read our article on the subject.

SEM and Display Advertising strategies:

SEM is the process of gaining traffic and visibility on search engines through paid actions, such as the purchase of links (not very popular with Google), the purchase of advertising space on relevant sites, or joining Pay per Click campaigns such as Google Adwords. For search ads, in fact Google provides the first 4 and the last 3 positions on each page of the SERP. In this way, Google guarantees advertisers to increase site visibility immediately but not for free.

The system on which Adwords is based is an auction system: the advertiser bids for the keyword or keyphrase for which he wants his ad to go out. Based on the offers received for a keyword, each ad is assigned a quality score. Adwords announces the auction in real time.

The method of payment for the advertiser varies according to the type of ad: the most popular method is that of the cost per click (CPC), ie the advertiser pays every time he receives a click on his ad.

Improve website: create and / or submit a sitemap:

A sitemap is an ordered list of all the pages on a site that you want to be indexed by a search engine. To increase site visibility, it is certainly an excellent thing to help search engine bots / spiders / robots / crawlers find and understand what all the pages of your website are about. Sending a sitemap is particularly important if:

  • Your site with dynamic content
  • your site to pages that are not easy to find from bots (for example pages with Rich AJAX or images)
  • your site contains pages with links that do not “link” correctly to another page.
  • You can create your site sitemap manually via RSS feed or via tools like Google search console (how to create and submit a sitemap with search console)

Increase website visibility for free: create quality content, unique and easy to share
Writing quality, unique and relevant content for a business is (as we have seen previously) very important both to gain backlinks and to attribute reputation, authority and popularity to our site. Creating content that is easy to share on social platforms through social buttons does not directly contribute to increasing site visibility.

However, it does so indirectly since sharing content on social networks increases the possibility of receiving backlinks, which we know to be a factor that favors the ranking of a website.

To be effective, writing on the Web must follow precise rules regarding form, style and content, which are provided to us by SEO copywriting. These are also associated with persuasion techniques applied to marketing, which come from a new area of ​​study: neuromarketing.

Online positioning: identify and eliminate problems and errors
A website, especially a large one, could be subject to errors and small problems of various kinds. These accumulating over time can begin to cause problems so serious that they reduce rather than increase site visibility. Through tools such as SEMRush or Raven Tools it is possible to heal this condition usually attributable to:

  • Duplication or absence of the title tag
  • Broken links
  • Images without alt text or alt text
  • Pages blocked by robots.text
  • Redirects of type 302 which should be of type 301

Improve Google search: set up web analytics tools:

Another effective strategy to be adopted to increase site visibility is that which involves the adoption of Web Analytics technologies and methodologies. These allow you to monitor all SEO / SEM and web marketing activities implemented, allowing you to collect a huge number of data from which processing it is possible to obtain valuable information on how to optimize the performance of the website, app or social platform that you is managing. Most of the web analytics processes foresee and develop in four essential phases:

  • Online data collection
  • The analysis of the information collected through appropriate metrics
  • The identification of KPIs
  • Creating an online strategy
  • The most used tool for web analytics is Google Analytics. It is a free platform (although there is a paid version) whose installation consists of a small fragment of Javascript code that must be placed within your website. Other well-known tools are Alexa and the various Twitter analytics and Facebook insights.

If you like doing digital marketing and would like to turn your passion into a job I suggest you take a look at the guide on how to look for companies that hire in digital marketing.

Increase site visibility: check the trend over time:

Another strategy to be implemented in order to increase the visibility of the site is to connect the latter to Google Search Console. This is a free service offered by Google which, in addition to creating and sending the sitemap of a site, allows you to:

Check important backlinks to your site:

verify that Google is not experiencing indexing issues with your site
detect what are the search intentions (queries) that bring traffic to your site
check the positioning of the website on search engines over time to see if there is a need to implement some more measures to improve online positioning.

In addition to search console, you can also take advantage of numerous other tools or tools and software to increase site visits, including Trafficwave, Auto traffic generator and traffic programmer.

Visibility on Google for free: registering a business with Google my business
If your website is for business purposes, one way to increase website visits is to register your business on Google my business. Successor to Google Places, registering on this platform allows you to increase site visibility in localized search results. Upon registration, a letter containing a pin is sent to your business.

This submission allows Google to verify the geographic location of your business. From the verification, you have a high chance of appearing in the search results (and on Google Maps) of people who are looking for an activity like yours in the area in which you operate.


Increasing site visibility is a complex activity. If you have a need for your business but don’t want to be assisted in this process by a professional, consider a much more effective and less expensive solution. Take part in one of the courses or masters in the classroom or online offered by Digital Coach