Product Shipping

7 Tips to Improve Product Shipping Experience for Customers

The product shipping is one of the most important and stressful parts of the order fulfillment process. The customers have already completed the payment process for the products, but not have them. 

Thus, it becomes the responsibility of the seller to safely deliver the product to the doorsteps of customers as soon as possible. The online product seller should follow the necessary steps to ensure that product will reach the destination on time. 

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various ways to enhance the product shipping experience for customers:

Provide an Approximate Delivery Date

While placing an order, most customers check the estimated delivery date. Thus, the estimated delivery time plays a vital role, but most online sellers consider it the least important. It is very important to provide the approximate delivery time of the product to your customers.

For instance, a customer who is buying a birthday present for his sister wants to receive that product on-time. Her birthday is coming soon, and without an approximate delivery date, he will not be able to make the decision. 

That customer will prefer to buy the gift from the nearby store rather than placing an order from your online store. Thus, the approximate delivery time plays a vital role in online shops.

Send Shipping Emails

Well, the shipping notification may not be a big deal for your customers. Some people usually read these emails and immediately delete them. Some of them keep them in their inbox so that they can use them as evidence if something goes wrong. 

The shipping notification may get little attention, but they are very important to enhance the shipping experience of your customers. But what happens if you stop sending shipping notifications to your customers?   

Your customers may consider that something went wrong, and they will start calling the customer care services of your company to know the status of the order products.

Update By SMS

You should also update your customers by SMS along with the email notifications. But, why is it important to send SMS when you have already updated your customer through email notifications? 

It is so because you can easily get an update of your product on your mobile phone. Most people may not easily access their emails. Therefore, it is a good idea to update your customers through SMS.

Offer Different Shipping Options

The online product seller should provide different shipping options to their customers. It is so because the different customers have different requirements. Some customers want their products as soon as possible. 

On the other hand, some customers can wait for long. When you provide different shipping options to your customers, then they would love to place more orders from your online store. 

Streamline Order Processing

You should make sure that the order fulfillment process is efficient so that the ordered products can reach the destination safely. It is very important to minimize the time to process the order for shipping. You should ensure the quick operation so that the order can be shipped as soon as possible. 

There are some common things to consider and ensure a quick process for product shipping.

When you receive an order, then you should immediately send the notification to the product packaging handlers. It helps in speeding up the product processing and helps in shipping the product as soon as possible. You can notify the workers through phone calls and SMS.

Along with streamlining order processing, you should also streamline the packaging task. Make sure you have separate box size, easy packaging material, and ensure that all packaging stuff is easy to access and use. You can also use label-specific printers to increase speed.

Provide Online Tracking System

Most online shoppers say that an online tracking system is quite helpful for them. They can easily track the order and know where the product has reached. Thus, you should provide a system to your customer for product tracking. 

Well, there are different ways to track the product, such as on-site tracking or tracking with the help of mobile devices. When your customers can track the location of their ordered product, then they feel happy. This tracking system helps in gaining the trust of customers, and they would like to place an order again.

Sometimes Offer Free Shipping

According to the survey, more customers want to buy products from your online store when you offer free shipping. Well, offering free shipping to customers for the whole year is not a practical option. 

But, sometimes, you can offer free shipping and expand the customer base. The free shipping option will attract more people, and you will get more orders. This way, you can enhance the shipping experience for your customers.