How Healthcare is Utilizing e-Commerce?


Today, healthcare is growing widely, and the major helping factors are technology-driven solutions such as e-Commerce.

e-Commerce is bringing revolutionary innovations to healthcare pharmacies, with a few taps of e-Commerce applications patients can order medicine at their doorstep.  

For instance, during a pandemic situation, the shortage of beds in hospitals increases, people who are found positive are treated in their homes, and they need medicine to deal with COVID-19. 

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As a result, e-Commerce came into action, patients ordered medicine without getting in touch with another person. 

However, the adoption of e-Commerce is required to make healthcare’s pharmacies available. 

Now, before starting this article let’s understand why we need e-Commerce in healthcare?.  

Why e-Commerce is needed in healthcare

Patients have to suffer from several issues while getting medical services, especially chronic patients who need to deal with 

  • Booking appointment
  • Going regularly hospital for check-ups 
  • Consulting doctors 
  • Another trip for buying medicine 

As a result, e-Commerce is making the patient experience more convenient.

The way consumers purchase products like generic medicine, homeopathy products, and skincare using e-Commerce platforms makes it easy for patients to get medical services. 

For instance, by avoiding a special trip to buy medicine in a pharmacy store, patients can order it by sitting in their comfort zone from anywhere anytime using e-Commerce applications. 

#1 To reduce the cost of medicine: 

The rising cost of pharmaceutical drugs is the major factor affecting the healthcare ecosystem. Due to the high cost of medicine, many patients can’t afford to buy medicine. 

The major factor affecting the rising cost of medicine is the supply chain and stock inventory.  

As a result, e-Commerce reduces those barriers, due to the effective supply chain and a large stock inventory, costs of medicine can be decreased. 

#2 To make the pharmacy process fast:

Pharmacy stores are dependent on wholesalers and big suppliers who supply pharmaceutical products, due to the large supply chain the medical product takes time to reach final retailers. 

Meanwhile, patients need medicine on short notice, so they need to wait for the medicine to come and suffer with the disease without any medicine which is painful.

As a result, e-Commerce delivers directly from the manufacturer to the doorstep of the patient, which ultimately makes the pharmacy process fast. 

#3 To grow healthcare enterprise: 

Healthcare enterprises need to change their business model. Because they are not present in an online world where a large number of consumers are available. 

They should avail the benefits of e-Commerce and make their presence online as well.  

e-Commerce platforms are a mediator between buyers and sellers (sellers like online pharmacies) to take both at one place where patients can order medicine and healthcare’s enterprises can sell the medical products hassle-free.   

The impact of e-Commerce on healthcare

Healthcare e-Commerce is capturing the attention of new entrepreneurs to build a business in the healthcare sector. Every day new start-ups are participating in the healthcare’s e-Commerce business. 

Even companies like Amazon have been doing experimental projects in the healthcare sector since 2014. From making online medical supplies to the treatment of cancer patients using machine learning.

In 2018, Amazon acquired pill pack (an online pharmacy start-up) and recently, “amazon scoops up primary care company One-medical in a deal valued at $3.9 billion” 


Looking at the good potential of the healthcare e-Commerce business, every enterprise is struggling to get a small piece of the cake, but only proactive leaders can tackle the big bull of the healthcare market.  

Benefits of healthcare e-Commerce for patients 

e-Commerce is a suitable solution for patients to get medications at home in a convenient manner.  

Explore some of the benefits of healthcare e-Commerce for patients.

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#1 Easy to access: 

e-Commerce is re-inventing the process of patients purchasing medical products. 

Earlier, patients used to travel to the medical stores to buy medicine and get it returned. If it is not available at that time, they may need to visit the medical store a number of times.

Mobile apps and online e-Commerce websites allow patients to order medicine with few clicks and get instant delivery at their doorway.  

#2 Price comparison: 

Patients can compare the price of the medication on different apps or e-Commerce websites and grab the best deal for them.   

#3 Flexibility for patients:  

An important benefit for patients is that services are available 24*7 for them. They have the flexibility in buying and properly returning orders. 

#4 Avoid going to a medical store:  

A patient has the remote button to order medical products and e-Commerces are the tv sets that offer them the best medical products at a suitable time, by avoiding visiting a medical store.   

#5 Cost reduction:

Due to the high efficiency in the healthcare industry, reductions in costs take place. 

For instance, avoiding visits to a medical store will reduce the cost of travel and using e-Commerce patients can order at comparable prices with free delivery, this difference can be extremely helpful for poor patients.  

Online pharmacy app: Everything you should know about it

The usage of e-Commerce platforms like online pharmacy apps has increased by 10x.

An online pharmacy app lets you order both prescription and non-prescription-based medicine at your entrance.

For instance, let’s say you are sick and need medicine urgently. But you are not able to go to the medical store. At that time, an online pharmacy helps you order medicine at your home place. 

Explore the benefits of an online pharmacy app.

Can e-Commerce be able to preserve its position in the healthcare industry in future? 

The inception of the online world is not only for entertainment or services, people also expect customization in the healthcare sector.

Especially after the pandemic, people want everything at their doorstep. They are addicted to getting things by sitting in their comfort zone. 

And the healthcare enterprises have the opportunity to crack this battle and build a successful business in the healthcare e-Commerce sector. 

As per the report, “the global healthcare e-Commerce market is expected to grow from 346.87 billion to 643.07 billion by 2025.”  

Final words: 

Finally, the battle is always about being a supreme leader and healthcare professionals, enterprises, and pharmaceutical companies are in the battle to grab that achievement. 

But, adopting technology solutions like healthcare app development and healthcare software development, is required to cover the healthcare e-Commerce sector without adding any complexity barriers.