Erectile Dysfunction

Top 5 Herbs You Can Use To Treat The Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common yet overlooked problem. Most of the men might face this issue in their life. Some young and even middle-aged people have also reported the issue of erectile dysfunction. However, it’san issue recognized with old people especially those who have crossed 50 years or more.

Despite that, people have been searching for a cure for erectile dysfunction (ED) even before the allopathic medicines, which could rescue people from serious embarrassment in a relationship.

Some people prefer Sildenafil 150mg, a bonafide cure to the erection problems among men. Most people who have been cured by the tablet testify to this fact. 

However, as far as the problem is concerned, the erection is the key to successful intercourse. However, sometimes, a person might lack the required erection, or the penis could not sustain the erection. In some cases, it occurs frequently and can turn into chronic conditions, often termed as erectile dysfunction. 

In medical science, erectile dysfunction can be treated by the ED medication, while Cialis 60 mg is preferred to cure the problem successfully. However, there might be some instances of having a surgical operation.

 There are some noninvasive remedies to cure erectile dysfunction, which could be preferable for maximum benefits.

There are many erectile dysfunction causes, including physical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, raised cholesterol, and even irregular sleep patterns.

Besides, if someone has been on medication, there are large probabilities to experience erectile dysfunction.

However, the excess consumption of alcohol and smoke can lead to problems unknowingly. People might be preferring the Tadalfil once aware of their ED(Erectile Dysfunction) problem.

Besides, the natural aphrodisiacs play their role significantly while scouring for the perfect erection or high sexual pleasure. The herbs, often sourced naturally, are the popular herbal medicine for erectile dysfunction because they tend to have fewer or no side effects than the prescribed medications.

Research reveals that these herbs have diverging levels of success for ED, but they are still considered an effective way of treating the mild to the severe case of erectile dysfunction.

We have summarized a few of them to understand a bit about their characteristics.

Panax ginseng 

This natural medicine is often termed as Chinese and Korean herbs, and has been with us for centuries. It has been the primary source of health and longevity and has the testified effects of healing sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction.

Panax ginseng plays an antioxidant role by releasing nitric oxide (NO) that makes the erectile system intact. However, people use the Levitra (Generic Verdednafil) to attain the perfect erection. 

The herb is known to be a safe remedy, but can only be used on a short-term basis such as for a few weeks only. However, Insomnia is the most common side effect.

It is worth taking care that the alcohol, caffeine, and certain drugs may interfere adversely with ginseng.

Ginkgo biloba

The Ginkgo biloba is often termed as a Chinese tree herb. It increases the blood flow to the penis during the need for an erection. 

However, it is interesting to find that ginkgo is quite useful for erectile dysfunction caused by the medication primarily. It is very well justified by many of the research conducted, especially for the cure of sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction.

However, the ginkgo is found to be better for ED management rather than a cure completely. A person can opt for the Fildena 100mg purple pill for the effective cure of varying stages of ED.

The medicinal herb is an effective way to keep libido and erection intact, especially while on any kind of medicine. However, it may risk you for the bleeding in case you are on blood-thinning medicine.


The saffron has significant bioactive pigment, crocin, etc., to impact the sexual system; it has very effective results in erectile dysfunction and an increase in sexual desire.

The saffron finds its significance in Asian culture since the day back in history and has been a primary spice for overall well-being and health.

However, research shows that saffron as an effective and adequate remedy for sexual dysfunction. Saffron consists of the safranal and the crocin as the primary chemical compound.

The chemical compounds such as crocin push the frequency of erection and sexual desire, while safranal has nothing to do with erectile dysfunction or sexual desire. However, people tend to find enough cure while consuming Cialis 6o mg for a short period.


Mondiawhitei, often termed as the white ginger. It is a popular medicinal herb in Africa.

However, the herb is an effective medicinal plant to spike up the libido while increasing the low sperm count. People often feel high testosterone levels after the consumption of Mondiawhitei.

It is considered one of the popularaphrodisiacs because it cures the potency and increases the libido besides healing erectile dysfunction.


Maca is a root vegetable often found in the South American country Peru. However, the Macacan be considered a great addition to the regular diet by considering overall benefits to the body.

However, the vegetable can be found in three colors red, black, and yellow. The black Maca has a significant effect on the stress, which can be a primary reason for chronic erectile dysfunction.

Despite that, some studies show that Maca has a placebo effect. Generally, the Levitra 40 mg (Generic Vardenafil) has been a preferred medical cure for sexual problems, especially for erectile dysfunction.

Summing up…

However, herbs can be used to heal erectile dysfunction. But they are found to have a varying degree of effects while oral medicines have the testified results for the people who suffer erectile dysfunction. People can find these herbs to complement the drugs. 

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