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When to take orthopaedic treatment? Which approaches are considered?

People today want to approach that orthopaedic treatment hospital in Ludhiana which would help to carry out all the orthopaedic surgeries at one place. The number of patients undergoing spine surgery in Ludhiana has considerably risen. 

Today we are going to tell you all the treatments which an orthopaedic hospital in Ludhiana carry out:

  • ACL Reconstruction surgery

ACL is an acronym for the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. This is considered the most crucial ligament of the knee. The situation of the ligament can be found to be diagonal which helps in providing support when you twist your legs. This surgery involves the extraction of the tendon from some part of the body and then transplanting it as a graft to substitute the torn ACL.

  • Knee replacement surgery

When the cartilage of the knee is damaged owing to the injury or age-related changes, then it requires knee replacement surgery. There are two kinds of knee replacement surgeries –

  • Partial surgery

This surgery aims at treating the particular damaged portion of the knee.

  • Total knee replacement surgery

If the whole of the knee is damaged, then total knee replacement surgery will help to replace the completely deteriorated knee joint.

  • Shoulder replacement surgery

When the topmost portion of the humerus has gotten damaged or deteriorated, then it is replaced with the metal ball, so that it can not restrict you that much as far as the movement is concerned.

  • Hip replacement surgery

There are two approaches to carry out hip replacement surgery which are as follow:

  • Conventional method

The ball and socket joint are replaced with either the metal or the plastic prosthesis.

  • Hip resurfacing surgery

If you want to get healed at a rapid recovery rate, then you should be relying on hip resurfacing surgery in which the effort is induced to replace the impaired parts. You would be glad to know that the nature of hips resurfacing surgery is a minimally invasive technique.

  • Knee arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy according to the orthopaedic surgeon is one of the minimally invasive techniques among all orthopaedic procedures. It is the diagnosis technique in which after making the smaller the instrument fitted with the camera is sent inside the knee and the projection of the knee images is done on the screen and is easily found out what is wrong with the knee.

  • Ankle repair

If the joints have become considerably unsteady after the procedure, then the ankle repair will be taken into account. This repair involves the binding of the bones in their place with the help of the implantation.

  • Spinal surgery

There are variegated kinds of spine surgery as mentioned below. The procedure is chosen based on the medical condition:

  • Spinal fusion
  • Kyphoplasty
  • Laminectomy
  • Discectomy
  • Joint fusion

This orthopaedic surgery is usually taken up by arthritis bothered patients. The replacement of the deteriorated cartilage is done with the substitution of the graft.


If you want to take the best treatment for your orthopaedic worries, then consult the expert doctors of the Hunjan hospital.

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