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Protect Your Baby’s Eye: Know Some Hidden Facts

As your baby’s eye are delicate, they need little attention and care from you. You won’t be able to notice, unless or until they tend to be reckless and disregard any safety measures to keep themselves out of the trouble. Therefore, any damage to their eye could not be treated as conveniently as you consider.

Kids’ eye care is a vital thing to be kept in mind as a parent. The best thing is that it doesn’t require too much work.  All you need to do is to adopt some strategies to ensure that your baby’s orbs are well taken care of. While you can pay a visit to any best ophthalmologist in Dubai, read this article to get yourself aware of some of the facts. They will help you to protect your baby’s eye in the first place.

Difference Between Baby’s Eyes and Eyes of An Adult

The visual pathway comprises the eye, the optic nerve, and the visual centre of the brain. While there is no difference between the eye and the optic nerve in the eyes of adults and babies in this regard, it is the visual centre of the brain where the difference lies.

The visual centre of the brain is the primitive area in babies and toddlers. It develops as they see and grow. It has to get a very clear picture from the surrounding in order to get mature. Therefore, it is pertinent for the eyes to see things clearly and send them to the brain.

Initial Signs That Show That the Baby’s Eye Aren’t Healthy

  • Sometimes, a four- or five-months-old baby suffers from wandering eyes – a problem in which they fail to focus on a single object, thus, their eye is wandering all around.
  • Another point of concern is a white reflex appears in the centre of the pupil. This means there are bright chances there could be a pediatric cataract or congenital cataract. This could also indicate some serious problem occurring in the retina.
  • If there is unnecessary tearing in one eye, even if the child is not crying, this might signal a congenital obstruction of the nasolacrimal duct. This requires medical intervention as early as possible. Doctors can clear the obstruction either by massaging or through surgery.
  • Excessive tearing may also signal high intraocular pressure. This statement holds true if it is linked with a large cornea. In this case, parents should take their baby to a specialized Dubai ophthalmologist to resolve the problems.

Common Eye Issues That Usually Concern Infants

  • Infections in the eye are one of the most common concerns in infants. They can get this problem from family members, parents or even at daycare centres.
  • Poor vision is yet another eye issue. This can be corrected at the age of five.

That is why it is pertinent to bring your little ones to ophthalmologists so as to ensure that they have healthy vision. If there is any issue that is left unaddressed, this can lead to amblyopia.

Type of Infection Babies Can Get at The Time of Birth

Baby can contract eye infection at the time of birth. They get the contaminants of bacteria from the birth canal or by using unsterilized instruments during birth.

Some Preventive Measures to Curb Infant Eye Infections

  • Ensure that the environment in which the baby is to be born should be absolutely clean and properly disinfected.
  • Don’t bring them in contact with any family member who is experiencing some eye infection.

In a nutshell, if your baby is experiencing some serious eye problems, you can take them to the best clinic in Dubai such as Eye Consultants. Whether it is Corneal Transplant surgery or DALK surgery, they are known to deliver some of the best services in the city.