Erectile Dysfunction

Keeping Erectile Dysfunction Away with a Healthy Life -Style

Medical experts have proved that at least 50 % males in age bracket 50-60 experience some form of mild erectile dysfunction. The percent of males with erectile dysfunction increase as we age. In age group 60-70, 70 % males will have some form of erectile dysfunction. The increase in sale of medicines like Viagra 150 mg among mature males is indication of prevalence of this issue.

Erectile dysfunction reduces the ability of males to get a penile erection that is strong enough for a penetration sex. Though, medicines and other option to cure the issue have increased in recent years, prevention is still the best way to cure erectile issue. Here are some simple prevention steps to extend the sexual life even to advance years of life.

Understand Erectile Dysfunction

You must know when erectile dysfunction is coming in your sexual life. First, you may be struggling to get an erection, even when you are sexually excited. Second, the erection will be soft, not hard for penetration. Andthird, you may struggle to sustain the erection. All these are sign of approaching erectile dysfunction.Note that these conditions should persist for at least 70 % of all sexual intercourses. Occasional erection issue due to excess alcohol, heavy food, physical fatigue, low mood or any stress issue is not erectile dysfunction.

Change your diet and lifestyle

This does not involve any major change. Just reduce smoking, drinking and oily and fatty food. Remember, your diet directly impacts your health, which in turn shapes your sexual life. Start eating green vegetables,fruits,fish, meat, if you are non-vegetarian, and equal portion of vitamin B complex.

A diet full of vitamin B complex takes care of low libido, low testosterone, low sexual energy and low sex desire. Just ensure that you have green vegetables, whole grains, cereals, lentils, and fruits. All fruits will do the needed work. But concentrate on citrus fruits, berries, and watermelon and pomegranate juice. 

Get protein from eggs, poultry, nuts and beans. If you are non-vegetarian, you can get the same from meat and fish.

And keep heart in the best shape, as it has to pump blood in your body and the penis. Nuts, dry fruits, exercise and red wine are the best way to pumper yourheart.Instead of snacks, keep serving of fruits couples of times a day for heart.

Keep weight in Check

Overweight is the first enemy of a healthy sexual life. Overweight creates conditions for diabetes, cholesterol and a weak heart. All that give birth to erectile dysfunction. Any light exercise, which you can make part of the daily routine will be an excellent way to maintain weight. A healthy diet will do the rest of the job.

Take Proper sleep and Rest

Doctors recommend a proper sleep to make heart healthy. A healthy heart ensures a healthy sexual life. Your body is best for sex, when it is free from stress. That is why morning sex is always a preferred activity for some males.

Use Erectile dDysfunction Medicines for Delaying

Another interesting fact is that you need a healthy sexual life to avoid erectile dysfunction. It has been proved by medical experts and health specialists that sex is the best exercise for the heart and mind in mid stage of life. Sometimes due to lack of hard erection, a male does not get excited for sex.

Use a smaller dose of any erectile dysfunction medicines. Take Cialis 60 mg on the start of weekend. The long duration of the medicine, 36 hours, will ensure that you are ready for spontaneous sex in next 36 hours. You will get two intertwined benefits, a healthy body, efficiently heart and desire for more sex. This desire for more sex is an important part in preventing erectile dysfunction.

Do not think that using erectile dysfunction drugs is an expensive proportion. The generic ED medicines like Fildena 100mg are also FDA approved drugs for erectile issue. The cost of generic medicines is kept low without any compromise on their efficiency and function.

Reduce Mental Tension

Your sexual life depends on your intimacy with your partner. Over the time, we take things for granted, but should never do that in relations with the partner.  Just do physical activities together. Go for walk together. You will feel less fear of loss of erection during sex.

Take special time out for intimate session

Naturally, there will be some delay in erection as we age. But keeping desire alive is enough for an erection. If you feel that due to delay in erection, you cannot maintain sex life, use Levitra 60 mg for quick action. It works in 15 minutes and overcomes moderate to higher degree of erectile issue. Use ED medicines to spice up sexual life. A rich sexual life also keeps erectile dysfunction away.

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