Surrogacy Cost

How to Save Surrogacy Cost

After getting adulthood the common intention of every man and woman is getting parenthood. Parenthood does not happen to everyone naturally for several reasons including infertility, health issues like heart problems, or any other reasons that are prohibited to get pregnant. Single person parenthood is another reason to go through surrogacy. Everyone wants to get parenthood but surrogacy cost are very high worldwide. Saving surrogacy costs is a smart way to go through the process in your budget. In this article, you will learn a complete guideline on how to save surrogacy costs. 

Insurance Options 

Whenever we come across a medical issue or treatment, the first thing that comes to our mind is insurance. We try to check if our medical insurance covers certain medicines or our treatment for that cause. Insurance does save us a lot of money, but does it save surrogacy costs? 

There are no specific medical plans that cover surrogacy. Most of the insurances are exclusive of surrogacy plans. The most that you could do to save the surrogacy cost is to have your surrogate use her own insurance plan for surrogacy. It might be possible, but for this, you will need her insurance policy to be evaluated by a certified insurance expert. If it is possible then you save anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 by using the insurance option. 


If not save, then you can raise money for the surrogacy cost by fundraising. Technically, this will be saving money as this will not come out of your pocket but from others that will be willing to help you out. Now, for this, you can follow the modern trend and have an online fundraiser. There are many online programs that help intended parents in raising money for their surrogacy plans. Other than fundraising, you may also raise money by asking for donations from your friends and family. Another way of raising money would be by having a yard sale or a bake sale as it will end up helping you save for surrogacy and also it’ll save the surrogacy cost. 

Gestational Surrogacy vs. Traditional Surrogacy

If you’re looking to save surrogacy costs then you should go ahead with traditional surrogacy. Roughly, the cost of gestational is more than that of traditional surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy uses In vitro fertilization (IVF) in its procedure. Whereas, traditional surrogacy uses intrauterine insemination (IUI). IUI is less expensive as compared to IVF. Traditional surrogacy also involves a small number of medical processes and fertility treatments, further lowering the surrogacy cost. 

Cash Discounts and Deduction from Taxes

In order to save some of the surrogacy costs, you can ask for cash discounts. Whenever you are at an IVF clinic, ask for a concession. Negotiate and save money. By doing so, you may save around 30% at both clinics and sometimes at the pharmacies too. By paying cash and not using insurance you can avail of this discount. You should ask the desired pharmacy or clinic as soon as you enter about their offers and whether they have cash discounts. In addition to cash discounts, the deduction of expenses can also be made from taxes. This will depend on your tax bracket and you may be able to deduct all of the expenses from your taxes. For this procedure, you will need to keep all receipts and medical bills associated with surrogacy. You will also need a professional tax consultant to guide you throughout the procedure. The very same professional tax consultant will also help you out by letting you know if you could make deductions from your taxes or not. If you don’t have a tax consultant then you can visit the IRS website to educate yourself about the exact details for the procedure. If not a lot then, these processes will for sure help you save at least a little surrogacy cost. Learn more about surrogacy costs on gestación subrogada precio.

Final Words: 

Thus surrogacy is a costly process so saving some costs can make it affordable to everyone. Our surrogacy expert has already shown all the possible ways how to save surrogacy costs that might help you. However, if you are a new surrogacy seeker, visiting a surrogacy agency or surrogacy consultant will be a smart decision whether you are still confused about surrogacy costing.

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