Health and sport

Health and sport, always at the heart of the resolutions!

At the start of each year, the US state their good resolutions. Very often, they are related to sport and health. Enough to start the year on the best footing.

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Health at the heart of resolutions
69% . This is the percentage of USA people who want to make resolutions and stick to them, according to a recent study conducted by the ABC institute. In the details of the results, we learn that the most frequent resolutions are “to lose weight” for 38% of respondents and the desire to ” get back to sport ” for 35% of those questioned.

Unsurprisingly, the resolutions primarily target the body (21%) and health (20%). Only downside, if we take all the respondents, only 6% admit to always taking resolutions, against 47% who say they “sometimes”.

A year placed under the sign of sport
To maintain solid health and meet your commitments, we recommend that you be vigilant all year round. No need to engage in all possible physical activity. On the contrary, take the time to choose a sport that appeals to you and that respects your schedule.

Don’t have the finances to be physically active ? No problem. Walking will be a very good alternative. Prefer the stairs to the elevator , walk as often as possible and take the time to do some weight training at home (abs, push-ups, etc.). There are even apps that will give you advice on how to adopt good practices, such as 30 Days Fitness Challenge for example (available on iOs and Android).

Top health capital
Eating at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day will preserve your health, as recommended by the National Health Nutrition Program (PNNS). You don’t have to be a starred chef to prepare vegetable-based dishes. Indeed, there are specific sites to simmer healthy meals in a jiffy.

For your health to reach its peak, you must take care of your body but also your mind. Your mental state also affects your well-being. To escape and avoid the stressful moments associated with returning to work, indulge in yoga or meditation .

Connected screens are everywhere. Unplug your devices for a little while every day and happily swap your phone for a book. In the evening, seek calm by plunging your room into darkness as soon as you fall asleep.

It just goes to show that keeping your resolutions is not very complicated. With a little willpower, you can regain good health in just a few weeks!