Mental Health

Correlation Between Dehydration and Mental Health

Many people have a bad habit of drinking very little water in their daily routine life. Generally, you would hear many times from a doctor that our body needs a minimum of three liters of water to function properly. Still, some people tend to drink less water. There are many side effects of deficiency of water that is dehydration in the body. The psychologist gold coast claims that dehydration even affects the mental health of the person. 

Let us look at some of the points which state the correlation between dehydration and mental health.

Dehydration and depression

Most people think that there is no correlation between dehydration and mental health. But the fact is that, if our body causes dehydration then our body will not be able to produce serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for the feelings of happiness in humans. Our brain converts the amino acid tryptophan to serotonin. Our body needs a large amount of water for tryptophan to be transported across the blood-brain barrier. Hence the dehydration results in less amount of tryptophan in our body which results in converting our feelings into depression.

Dehydration and stress

Most of the people who get stressed in most of the bearable situations have the problem of dehydration in their bodies. When any human being is stressed than his or her adrenal glands produce the stress hormones in large amounts. If you are over-stressed then there are chances of you getting exhausted.

Therefore, the adrenal glands also produce aldosterone hormone which is responsible for the regulation of fluid and electrolyte levels. Therefore, the body starts producing low aldosterone when adrenal fatigue progresses. This gives rise to dehydration and low electrolyte. Hence, drinking water helps to reduce the negative effects of stress.

Dehydration and fatigue

Most of us experience a feeling of fatigue while we are thirsty. When we are thirsty, that means already our body is dehydrated. And adding on to it if we ignore drinking water even when we are thirsty more negative feelings can come to our mind which might create a negative mindset in humans.

Hence it is very important to drink a sufficient amount of water to avoid negative feelings and thoughts which also never brings our mind into a fatigued state.

Dehydration and Mental Health

It has been observed that many of the mental health and suicide cases occur when the temperature is warm. This is not a proven fact, but just an observed report.

It has been found that the neurotransmitters do not function in an accurate way when the temperature of the body rises suddenly. The activities of the brain and the thoughts inside the brain become very irregular whenever any chemical imbalance inside the brain occurs.

Most people suffer from anxiety generally in warm temperatures. Hence, in order to keep the body safe and the chemicals of the brain balanced, it is very important to drink water in a sufficient amount on a regular basis.

Dehydration and energy

Most of us have experienced that whenever we are thirsty we start feeling tired and our body starts working slowly. The only reason behind this is that our brain is seventy percent made up of water and when we are dehydrated our oxygen level of the body falls and we start feeling tired.

But, whenever we drink water we start feeling energized and positive. This is because the oxygen level in our body which was decreased earlier has become normal after drinking water. Hence, to be energized throughout the day it is very important that you should drink a sufficient amount of water.

Dehydration and emotions

Even when we are dehydrated a little bit we start feeling angry or our emotions become intense. This is because whenever we are thirsty different parts of our brain start triggering in order to compensate for the feeling that has arisen due to the thirst. So whenever, you notice your strange behavior for absolutely no reason then just drink a sufficient amount of water to be normalized. Hence, drinking water regularly in the proper amount keeps our mind and emotions healthy and peaceful.

Dehydration and focus

Many of us cannot focus on anything if we are dehydrated or thirsty. This is only because our brains provide us a sense of insecurity when we are thirsty. Hence, the insecurity results in a disturbance in the focus of the mind and we are not able to concentrate on anything.

Hence, it is very important to drink a sufficient amount of water in order to keep the mind peaceful and focused. Many a time when we drink water we start feeling positive and charged, this is because the thirst which has created all the negative feelings through our brain has been converted to the positive feelings through water or getting hydrated.

Dehydration and insecurities

It is obvious that all the operations inside the body should be properly executed in order to keep our mind in a peaceful state. But due to dehydration, it is possible that you might not be able to excrete properly which results in insecurities and headaches which might cause a mental disturbance in a person. Hence, it is very important to drink water in order to perform all the body functioning properly.

Dehydration may make you unconscious

Many doctors and biologists claim that water is partly responsible for the oxygen inside the body. Hence, whenever we get dehydrated the oxygen circulation in our body may reduce which may make the processing of your brain slow and which might make you unconscious. Hence, in order to stay mentally healthy and active, it is very important for you to drink a sufficient amount of water on a regular basis. By doing so, you would reduce your fear of getting unconscious and inactive.


As we saw the above points which affect the mental health of a person by being dehydrated. Hence always drink a sufficient amount of water and stay mentally healthy.