Ankle Pain

Ankle Pain During and After Running

Ankle pain is a common issue in athletes and numerous factors can minimize this problem with the right treatment and gears. The medical departments who research athletes discovered some ways to encounter lower limbs problem.

With the help of podiatrists and orthopedics, they managed to make ankle compression socks which are extremely important to avoid ankle injuries. The ways to prevent ankle injuries will be discussed later but first, you need to know about what is sudden ankle pain without injury.

What is ankle pain?

The foot top pain or ankle pain is the soreness in the ankles that restricts you from jogging or running. The weakening of ankle bones or muscle tissues directly affects your bone structure which results in discomfort and excessive running may torn ligaments in your foot. There are some reasons due to which you may experience ankle pain running.

What causes ankle pain running?

  • Ankle sprain

The ankle sprain is the main factor that triggers the excessive stretching of foot muscles and bone. The symptoms are difficulty moving your ankle, swelling on toes and ankle bone. You might experience cramps and colored spots on the calf.

  • Ankle stress fracture

The high pressure on the ankle during running or jumping can crack your bones which results in bruising on the skin and muscle tissues. These fractures are curable but for that, you have to rest and wear ankle compression socks according to your doctor’s suggestion.

  • Ankle tendonitis

The long-running tracks are the direct cause of ankle tendonitis. Your calf tendon which connects with your back of the heel can get damaged. The symptoms include consistent pain while waking up in the morning and high pressure on the knees when walking.

  • Ankle arthritis

Professional athletes mostly suffer from ankle arthritis and their joints get weakened. It also forces them to restrict mobility and muscle tissue gets damaged.

  • Ankle instability

The symptoms are linked with chronic pain and unbalanced foot due to extreme pain in the ankles. The weak ankles are another cause and your lower limb ligaments start getting thin.

What to do for ankle pain after running?

  • Rest

To decrease foot top pain, you are required to have complete bed rest. Try to avoid putting heavy bulk on your injured ankles. To achieve normal lower limbs condition, you must stop running and give some time to heal. Find a new hobby such as swimming or play chess.

  • Use ankle compression socks

The ankle compression socks are specifically designed to apply low pressure on ankle muscles. The sudden ankle pain without injury can only be removed if you use compression socks.

They can regulate rhythmic pressure to diminish excessive pain and forces lymphatic fluid to run through ankle issues.

The healing process needs some time but with proper guidance from orthopedics and using the best quality compression garments you can permanently end ankle pain.

  • Cold therapy

Icing is a traditional way to reduce foot top pain but swelling cannot end you need ice blocks and ankle compression socks to completely end the pain.

  • Strolling

The casual walk at home can also heal your lower limbs muscles and bones. You can walk or use stairs daily to attain a rapid healing process.

  • Stretch

Use basic exercise gears to stretch your calf muscles and ankle issues. You can consult gym experts to recommend you the best stretching gadgets that can help you to get desirable results for your foot ligaments.

  • Pain relief medicines

The pharmaceutical companies are filled with pain relief tablets for your foot top pain. The ankle compression socks are not always giving a reliable result but your podiatrist can subscribe you good pain relief medicines.

Application of ankle compression socks

The ankle compression socks are of two types one for those who are suffering from DVT (Deep vein thrombosis) and others are athletes. The compression footwear for runners is best to keep fatal diseases away from your body. If you are experiencing sudden ankle pain without injury then compression garments are a must for you because they can:

  • Provide comfort and relief to ankle soreness.
  • Rapid injury recovery.
  • Prevents swelling and muscle stability.
  • Increases blood circulation and prevents lymphedema.
  • Heal your calf muscles and ankle ligaments.
  • Decreases inflammation and skin rash.
  • Provide cushion effect to toes and sole of your feet.

The ankle compression socks are available in the market and every brand is trying to offer you the best gear but you need to find the correct one for your ankles and foot safety.

The best compression socks for runners give mild pressure between 20mmHg to 35mmHg and the gripping is always firm to give the best experience.

You can get the size charts and features on the websites which are mostly roughly mentioned so better measure your foot size to get a desirable product.

Medshoola ankle compression socks

The Medshoola compression devices are next-generation footwear that deals with all types of consumers. They have athletic compression garments plus Lymphedema and DVT/PE compression pumps which come in various pressure ranges.

The fabric Medshoola brand used for compression devices is soft mesh layers to provide ease to their customers with effective results. Feel free to visit their website to get affordable socks for your ankle issues.

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