Benefits of Doing Pull-Ups

How often have you wondered about working towards that fit lifestyle?  No matter how much we wish to have it, we may miss out on some effective exercises that can give us exactly what we desire. Pull-ups are one of the many exercises that offer you a ripped and solid physique. Though, doing pull-ups can be tough but once you master the skill there is no looking back. 

You don’t need to learn how to do everything on Day 1. The process should be slow and gradual for it to be effective. Start with a few pull-ups a day, until you get used to them, to be able to do more than you can. Keep reading to know more on pull-ups. 

What is a Pull-Up? 

A pull-up is an upper body strength exercise that can be done by hanging through a pull up bar. It is a closed chain movement where the body is hanging and is being pulled up by hands holding a pull-up bar. As a person does pull ups, their elbows flex and their shoulders adduct to bring the elbows closer to the torso.

The pull-up is considered as an advanced exercise and extra care should be taken while doing it. One should avoid stressing the shoulders too much and try doing the exercise with proper guidance. It stretches various muscles including the latissimus dorsi covering the middle plus lower back and the biceps brachii on the front of the upper arm.

How to do Pull-Ups?

Doing a pull-up can be a challenging task. If you don’t do them right, you may land yourself in trouble. To avoid any damage, follow these simple steps to build your muscle strength. 

  • Jump up to grab onto the pull-up bar.
  • Now, clench your abs and pull yourself up using your arms until your chest reaches the bar. Be sure to keep your shoulders back and low to avoid any injuries. 
  • Ensure to not move your legs back and forth or left and right to lift yourself up as that may cause severe injury. 
  • Now, gradually lower yourself back down to your initial position. 
  • Repeat the process according to your abilities. 

Types of Pull-Ups: 

  • Standard pull-ups: Standard pull-ups can be grasped with an underhand, overhand, or alternative hand grip. Following this, the body can be pulled up and lowered down in sequence. 
  • Behind the neck pull-up: While doing this pull-up, the chin has to be dropped forward. The ultimate goal is to pull up to touch the bar with the back of the neck. 
  • Mixed grip pull-up: While doing this pull-up, one hand is placed in the overhand position and the other is placed in the underhand position to provide variations while doing pull-ups. 
  • One arm pull-up: One arm pull-up is done by pulling up through the bar with only one arm. This is difficult to perform because immense strength is required. 
  • Muscle-up pull-up: This is a pull-up with a maximum range of motion that transitions into a dip.

Benefits of doing pull-ups: 

  • Strengthens the muscles: A pull-up is one of the most effective exercises for strengthening the muscles. By performing pull-ups regularly, you will work on strengthening your body muscles and providing them with a solid build-up. 
  • Improve grip strength: The ability to hold something is known as Grip strength. It is extremely important when it comes to lifting weights. Pull-ups can help improve your grip strength and provide your hands with a solid grip structure. A strong grip also helps you in doing various other tasks. 
  • Improve overall body strength: Pull-ups can increase your overall body strength. While doing pull-ups you lift your entire body weight which can greatly improve the fitness level of your body. It promotes bone development which enhances the strength of your body. 
  • Enhance physical health: Doing pull-ups regularly helps in reducing body fat. It also keeps your diabetes in control. It can also help to reduce blood pressure and back pain. Strength training exercises like pull-ups help in improving your overall physical health. 
  • Improve mental health: Doing pull-ups can also prove to be beneficial to your mental health. It helps in reducing fatigue, anxiety, depression and improves self-esteem. It also helps in improving the cognitive functions of the brain. 
  • Minimal gym equipment: When you can’t hit the gym, you can still perform pull-ups with minimal gym equipment. You just need a pull-up bar to do this exercise. Buying this is an investment that allows you to keep your daily fitness routine in check. You can buy a reliable pull-up bar from OnTheGoFitness that offers a suitable pull-up bar according to your choice. 
  • Saves time: Another benefit of doing pull-ups is that it saves time as you don’t need to do any different exercises to build up your muscles. Doing pull-ups streamline your workout routine which results in getting the best results you desire. 
  • Easy on joints: Pull-ups can be done easily without causing any significant trouble to your body. They improve the flexibility and balance of your body which helps in keeping your joint health in check. 


Pull-ups are a challenging exercise but they are worth adding to your fitness routine. Even if you are just beginning your fitness journey, it would be great if you could get a hang of doing pull-ups from the start. It proves beneficial in the long run. Also, be sure to do pull-ups on alternate days so that your muscles can have a day off in between to recover.

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