charming places in Tennessee

Guide to the most charming places in Tennessee

The United States is a huge country. charming places in Tennessee There are dozens of states and each one is special for something the others are not special for. Each state has something unique about it. And one of the most underrated states would surely have to be Tennessee. Tennessee is an amazing state but not a lot of people seem to be knowing or believing so. This is why we decided to write about this state a little. This is a very useful guide for those planning on moving somewhere in the country because here is where you will be able to read everything you need to know about some of the most charming places in Tennessee. There are plenty of them as Tennessee is not a small state at all but these are just a couple of them which we believe are perfect for moving to this year.


The first place we want to tell you more about would be a town that is a part of the Memphis metropolitan area. Somerville is a very small town with just a couple of thousands of residents. But this doesn’t mean that Somerville is not a great place to live in. It is amazing. The fact that this is a small town is just what makes it very charming.

Somerville is where plenty of elderly people have been moving to until now. Now, luckily, there has been an increase of younger people moving to Somerville. There are people with small children moving to Somerville as well. And this is all because of the fact that this is a very safe little town and you can hire local professionals for easy transfer of your belongings.

Another reason why moving to Somerville would be something we recommend you do is the fact that housing here is not expensive at all. In fact, this is a very affordable town. And the houses that you can find here are amazing, not just affordable. Most of the houses here are very big and spacious. And a lot of the real estate that is for sale is actually farms with big yards. This is another thing that attracts the elderly in large numbers. Moving into a bigger home is not an easy task, especially when you are older.


The second place on our list of the most charming places in Tennessee has to go to Brighton. This is an even smaller town than the previous one we talked about. But plenty of people seem to believe that the smaller the town is the better it is. This would mean living in a very close-knit community. And not a lot of young people actually want to live like that. They want to be able to meet new people all the time. And this is exactly why Brighton still hasn’t gathered the love from young people. Mostly the elderly who are retired move to Brighton. And if you are doing so as well, specialists in the area can assist with the relocation process.

Brighton is a very charming place with a lot of nature. There are a lot of parks in the town and around it as well. This is why plenty of people who live here do plenty of outdoor activities all the time. Just walking around town or riding a bike will be your favorite activities here. Living in such a small town is a much different experience than living in a medium-sized town. There aren’t plenty of things to do indoors which is both a pro and a con of Brighton. But we believe that spending as much time outside as that is possible is always a good thing.

We want to encourage young people to move to Brighton as the housing is amazing. Hoes are big and spacious and most of them have a barn as well as a huge front or backyard. This is why moving with a pet here is a good idea. You will have where to keep it. Starting a family here is a good idea as well because of the fact that this is a safe town and there are two amazing schools here.

Holly Springs

One of the last charming places in Tennessee we will tell you more about is Holly Springs. This is yet another city that is located in the greater Metropolitan area. But Holy Springs, even though it is a small town, is much different from Somerville and Brighton. This is a more lively small town. And this is mostly because of the fact that Rust College is located in Holly Springs. This means that there are plenty of young people living here as there is a college here. Most of them are from Tennessee but more and more young people from other states have started moving to Holly Springs as well.

Holly Springs is a small town but it surely has everything you need. There are high schools and middle schools here as well which is why a lot of those young people who graduate college end up staying in Holly Springs to start a family. Starting a family in a place like Holly Springs is one of the best things you can do. Because not only is this place safe and there are things to do, it is affordable as well. And for young people who are just starting their careers, affordability plays a very important role.

No matter whether renting or purchasing a home, you will have an easy time paying for it. The only disadvantage of living in Holly Springs is that there aren’t plenty of different job opportunities. This is why starting your own business after moving to Holly Springs would not be such a bad idea. If you already have a business, you can move on a budget to Holly Springs. Plenty of young people seem to be doing so lately.

We are pretty sure that now you know which one of all those charming places in Tennessee would be the best choice for you. Good luck with your relocation!