Cool Knives

What Are The Best Cool Knives For Cool People

There is no doubt about the fact that everyone instantly becomes cooler if they can use a Cool Knives well. For most people, they provide the simple utility of cutting and slicing. But if you look into the history of knives, they have always been more than just tools for the kitchen. One of the first weapons and tools ever invented were knives, and they’ve come a long way since.

Nowadays, you can literally find dozens of versions of knives that all complement different techniques if you are looking for something more functional, you can find multiple knives. If you need a little blade that looks as good as it works, you will find those too. The idea is to find the perfect balance of both, and those are the real cool knives for you. 

With the number of options you get, it is hard to determine which would be the cool knives. If you are a regular blade user, anything convenient and simple will work for you more. But there are also many different versions and designs that are just as compelling to look at. There is a unanimous agreement that they look dangerous and work swiftly, and that makes them valuable as well. If you are looking for the most impressive knives, there are multiple options you can explore. 

Typical and Unique Functions Of Knives 

If you think about knives as a whole, they might just be tools for you. Out of all the blades, though, knives are the most versatile ones ever created. They assist in so many different situations in ways you may not even now. You can explore these uses if you consider they can be real assets to you in times of need. 

Whether major or small, all kitchens require some kind of knives for basic chores. You have to cut, chop, dice, and slice things as well as prep different foods. While any standard knife can do that, you can get nifty pocket knives as well. Other than being handy, they also come with small tools like bottles and can openers. You can open packets, peel vegetables, open bottles, cans and speed up your cooking process. 

In some situations, you have to make do with little resources. If you are camping, you have to rely on fewer things to sustain yourself outdoors. Some awesome small knives can be very useful in that process. Whether you want to cut ropes to make tents or hammocks, cook food or build a fire, small knives do the trick. You can get a boot dagger for your small errands outdoors. You can also find some cool pocket knives that come with fire starters.

  • Of course, the most common and useful hack with all knives is self-defense. If you have a blade on you, it can give you the upper hand in a robbery, assault or attack. You can defend yourself against any danger by learning basic knife fighting techniques. The best kind of knives for everyday carry are pocket knives as they will fit just about anywhere. You don’t need to worry about the weight or the technical aspects, just a little skill and vigilance. 
  • In terms of emergency usage, knives are also very useful in accidents, fires and injuries. EMTs and firefighters can make life-saving moves with them. You can use them to cut car crash victims out of seat belts or trapped people from burning buildings. 

You might think having knives around is a nuisance for no reason, but they are foul weather friends. You can use a knife as a screwdriver, wire cutter, paper cutter, letter opener, corkscrew and more. It is also quite useful for DIY projects and arts and crafts as they can carve, shape and trace images. 

Types Of Knives You Can Get Nowadays

When you are looking for a knife that fulfills your daily tasks and looks badass, you have multiple choices. Depending on your work, you can choose from two basic categories. You can go for a fixed blade knife that is stronger and has a sturdier handle and blade. If not, then for convenience, an assisted opening blade is also ideal as the blade closes into the handle. Both these categories showcase different sub-qualities and versions of knives, as listed below.

  • Spring assisted knives are one of the most amazing inventions in recent times. As a pocket sized blade, it has a spring loaded edge so it can open with one click of a button with one hand. You can use this in emergencies and all kinds of fast-paced tasks as they’re efficient. Spring knives are fast becoming one of the best knives that perfectly embody form and function.
    A good option would be something like the Mtech 7.75 Inch Spring Assisted Knife Brown Pakkawood Handle. Simple and sleek, this baby is the epitome of functionality and sleek design with it’s polished wood handle detail. 
  • The other version that relies more on aesthetic and less workability are collectible knives. Even though they’re functional, their main purpose is looking fly as hell. Enter the Gold Dragon Handle Pocket Knife, embedded with gold and copper ornamental design. It has a jewel studded handle as well as a sleek blade that makes it an excellent collectible.
  • If you are looking for simplicity and sleekness in a weapon, some fixed knives are better than others. While you have the quick draw of spring knives, you can always get a push dagger for self-defense. The Mtech USA 3.75 Inch Fixed Blade Neck Knife is wearable and very sharp so it can keep you safe. It is conveniently small and helps when you are tackled by someone in a sudden rush.  

The Best Knives For Everyone In One Place

While there is an unending array of knives at your local market, finding the right one is tricky. You might have to browse a couple of stores before you find what you are looking for. Online stores are the real heroes that have the best selection of awesome knives for all kinds of people. If you haven’t had the chance yet, check out Knife Import online knife store. Not only do they boast an amazing variety of knives, they also offer wholesale knives for resale. You get a large pool of knives to choose from as well as prices that don’t break your budget.