Dab pens 2020

Dab Pens 2020 – What to look for in the Best Dab Pens 2020

In this article we are going to look at the best Dab pens in 2020 and what to look out for if you are shopping for Dab Pens. When getting a Dab Pen you want to look for a device with great airflow, good battery power, USB charging, stylish finish, at least 3 temperature settings, automatic power off and thread compatibility.

What is a Dab Pen?

A Dab Pen is not to be confused with a vape though the components used to build the two are the same. The functions are more or less the same as well. A dab pen is specifically meant for consuming dabs and not e-liquids or dry herbs.

What is a Dab?

Dabs are small little solid concentrates of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the chemical in Marijuana responsible for people getting high. This is different from what people traditionally use in vaping which is dry herb or e-liquid.

Are Dab Pens and Wax Pens The Same?

The short answer to this question is yes. The two have different names but do the same job of vaporizing solid concentrate like shutter or wax. It is important however to find out the exact concentrates that can be used in a particular Dab pen. For example you cannot use a liquid like Butane oil in most pens.

How to use a Wax Dab pen

There are a few steps you will need to take before using a Dab pen for the first time.

Firstly you should make sure that your battery is charged to the maximum. Second step is ensuring that your atomizer is in good working condition. If not you may need to replace the coil especially if your pen has been in use for over a month.

The next thing is to put some concentrate into the chamber. Always make sure you do not put too much or too little. About the size of a grain of rice is a good amount. Too much may result in leaking of the concentrate. Putting too little will result in frequent vaping which eventually runs the concentrate out much faster.

The next step is setting the temperature according to the concentrate you have in your pen. Most of the time 400 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to get the flavours out without burning. However some pens have a set temperature so you cannot really adjust the temperatures.

At this point you can softly inhale. These steps are very general but may sometimes differ depending on the pen you are using.

What are the Best DAB Pens?

Below are some of the best Dab pens.

1. Kandypens Crystal

Kandypens Crystal is manufactured by Kandypens. This is a company that makes vape pens and vaporizers. Kandypens Crystal is ranked as the best dab pen by Vaping 360 as of June 2020.

When using this pen you get both ultra pure flavour and smooth vapor. It comes with a 900mAh battery that has a lifetime warranty. It is made up of the battery, little bowl which is the heating chamber and the mouthpiece.

To refill your dab pen with more concentrate you have to remove the mouthpiece then unscrew the bowl attached to the battery. You then add your concentrate into that little bowl. Afterwards you can then screw it back on to the battery and lastly attach the mouthpiece.

To switch it on you must click the main button five times.  To get to the temperature setting you have to click the button three times and pause. There are four different temperatures indicated by different colours with red being the highest one.

One thing you need to pay attention to when using your Kandypens Crystal is the battery. It consumes battery at a much quicker rate than most dab pens in the market.

2. Kandypens Prism

Coming in second place is the Krystalpens Prism. As the name already suggests it is manufactured by Kandypens as well. The device uses a coil less heating chamber that is ceramic.

It comes in a very discreet size compared to the other Kandypens. It is almost the size of a pinky finger. It has two USB charging capabilities. When replacing atomizers you just unscrew and screw back another. It is as simple as that.

This dab pen is loved for its convenience and discretion. This makes it a very good personal dab pen.

3. Linx Hypnos Zero

Third place spot is occupied by Linx Hypnos Zero.  It is actually one of the very first premium dab pens.This particular Dab pen is made by a company called Linx Vapor.

The Linx Hypnos is only about 10cm in size. In the box you receive a pen, charger and extra mouthpiece. The pen itself has a filter section.

A very easy to operate device, it switches on by pressing the main button five times. You go to the temperature option by pressing three times. There are three temperature options to choose from.

It comes with an all ceramic heating chamber. The Linx Hypnos Zero is also loved for its compatibility which makes it an excellent personal Dab pen.

These are some of the best pens on the market right now and you can pick one that suits your needs.