Emergency Electrician

7 Questions To Ask Before Choosing An Emergency Electrician!

Have you noticed an electric spark? Or is there any fluctuation in the power output of the house? In such situations, you need to immediately search for a good emergency electrician that can help in fixing the problem. There are chances that you might not even know the cause of the problem, and dealing with wires is a risky job. Hence it is better to put it in the hands of the professionals. In such an emergency time, people tend to hire the electrician that they come across first. But, this can prove to be a costly mistake. Hiring a less experienced and untrained electrician can put you and your house at risk. Therefore, it is always good to ask a few questions before hiring an electrician so that you can make sure they are reliable and dependable.

What Questions Do You Need To Ask Before Hiring An Emergency Electrician?

Do you have a license for carrying out the electric job?

Most of the states these days require an electrician to be licensed. Gaining license refers that the electrician has undergone the examination and training required to carry out the job. Do not hire an electrician that is not well licensed. You can directly ask them about the license or check out their site for the license related information.

Are you insured?

Carrying out electrical installation, repairs, and maintenance is highly dangerous. Even though the best care has been taken, at times, there can be errors. Due to this, it is always good to hire an electrician that is insured with valid public liability insurance. If you work with an electrician that does not have insurance coverage, you can be at a great risk personally and financially. Hence, before hiring an emergency electrician, make sure that he has insurance that protects their technicians, you, and your family.

What is your specialization?

Some of the electricians specialize in residential electric work, while some of them specialize in commercial electric work. On top of that, few specialize in construction sites. Hence, before hiring an emergency electrician, make sure you know their specialization.

Who will carry out the actual work?

At times, when you speak to an electrician for services, the person who speaks to you will be different from the one that will come to your house to get the electric work done. Hence, it is an important question that you need to ask before hiring an electrician. You need to know who will come to your house to get the repairs done. In case they send their technician, you need to inquire about their experience and skills.

What all things are includes in the estimates?

When you get in touch with an electrician for emergency repairs, make sure that you ask them to give an estimate. Once you get the estimate, you need to inquire if there are any hidden costs. It is always good to know the inclusions of the estimate.

Do you offer a warranty or guarantee?

The emergency electrician that offers warranty and guarantee is normally very confident about their work. Make sure whether they offer warranty for the devices, fixtures, and other equipment they install for carrying out the repairing work.

How quickly can you reach out to solve the problem?

When an emergency strikes, you would certainly not like to wait for hours for an electrician to come and get the repairs done. You would like the electrician to reach out to your house as soon as possible. Hence, get an idea about the estimated time they will take to reach your place.


These are some of the questions you need to ask before hiring an emergency electrician to be assured that you can rely on the person you just selected.