Miami neighborhoods for singles

Best Miami Neighborhoods For Singles

So, you have decided to continue your life in Miami. Whether you are moving to a larger home or a smaller one, we can tell you right away that it is a good call. This city is famous for its vibrant and eclectic culture, and for its beaches and nice weather. When it comes to neighborhoods in it, they’re described as diverse and fun. Whatever you want you can find it here. There are neighborhoods with cultural flair, there are ones with beautiful parks, and of course, there are ones in which nightlife is booming. We’ve made a list of the best Miami neighborhoods for singles. Choose any of them and you won’t regret it. We promise you that. 

South Beach

South Beach simply has to be the first on our list. It is the most famous Miami neighborhood and it is described as an ideal place for singles. It has many places where you can eat, and numerous nightclubs that are known around the world. Another thing that is special about South Beach is its architecture. It is not often called the Art Deco Playground without a reason. 

A vintage car in South Beach

Glamour and glitz of South Beach

All the glamour and glitz that you’ll find in Las Vegas, is here too. So, if you want to live in a fancy neighborhood, look no further. And we can not speak about South Beach without mentioning its beaches. You can expect white sand and sparkly crystal clean water. Because of this, it is a famous tourist destination too. When it comes to food, it is like heaven. Pretty much all the culinary hotspots of Miami are located here. There’s also Lincoln Road Mall for all of your shopping. Pretty much anything you need you’ll find here. So if you have fun and sun attitude, this is a place for you.

Coconut Grove

For all the artsy people out there, Coconut Grove is one of the best Miami neighborhoods for singles, if not the best. It is the oldest neighborhood in the city and it offers the most laid back atmosphere that you’ll find. Italian renaissance style villas domite throughout this part of the city so the architecture is not bad here either. In fact, this is the original bohemian art district so you know what to expect if you decide to settle down in Miami. Many festivals and everyday events for the whole year. 

However, if you’re not in the mood for everyday partying and drinking Coconut Grove has something else to offer. Many fantastic historical museums are located here too. This neighborhood has something for everyone. 


The downtown area of Miami is kind of reserved for young professionals. It is often described as the best opportunity-filled urban core in the country. You will have to rent if you want to live here, but that’s not the worst thing in the world, right?

Downtown is the area that grows the fastest in Miami. Many people are moving here, and that’s not without a reason. If you want to be in the center of everything that’s happening in the business world, this is a place for you. However, since this is Miami, it’s not only the offices and apartments here. There are plenty of fine restaurants and diners around the neighborhood. Many bars also pop up everywhere, and the beach is just a short drive away. Downtown is the ideal combination of working hard and partying hard. 

Coral Gables

Coral Gables is often described as one of the best Miami neighborhoods for singles. And it has a strong case. It is filled with attractions and boats with culture and arts. However, it is much more laid back than South Beach. It’s important to mention that this neighborhood is designed around nature. That’s why it is called The City Beautiful. Coral Gables is designed to be a vibrant green spot in Miami. So you’ll find many people playing sports outside.

Some more reasons for choosing Coral Gables

It is also home to one of the most unique public pools in the whole of America – Venetian Pool. It is designed in the style of a Sicilian villa, and it has many waterfalls around it. The water that is used to fill this pool is drawn directly from Florida’s aquifers so that makes it even more special. Who needs a home gym when they can have a swimming pool with sea water at their disposal?

Although Viral Gables is designed as a pedestrian-friendly area, public transport here is fantastic. You can enjoy a free trolley service every day. What more can you want? Call the Best Movers in Florida and relocate here as soon as possible.


For all of you that want to live in a diverse neighborhood, full of hip bars and fancy restaurants, Brickel is the place to move to. Although it is closely wired to the economy business, it is close to all of Miamis shopping outlets and has a lot of entertainment available. Brickell is often referred to as the Wall Street of Miami. Many young singles that work in the Downtown area enjoy living here. Apartments here are usually luxurious and with the ocean view so it is for ones with a thicker wallet. It’s worth mentioning that the whole area is pedestrian-friendly so you don’t need a car to enjoy it. 

 Brickell at night.
Wynwood – also one of the best Miami neighborhoods for singles

And the last but not the least is the neighborhood of Wynwood. It is the favorite place of artsy craft beer lovers. It is another artsy district so the murals made by local artists can be seen on every corner. Also, more than 70 galleries and museums are located here, making it the perfect place for exploring. 

Another thing that makes Wynwood special is the number of breweries that call this neighborhood home. Depending on what you want, you’ll find the perfect brewery for yourself here. And that’s why Wynwood is one of the best Miami neighborhoods for singles. For instance, to enjoy local music and bands, go to the Concrete Beach Brewery. If you want to get yourself connected with the work of local artists, you can visit the Wynwood Brewing company. But the most special one is the one for the lovers of Star Wars. J. Wakefield Brewings’ interior is inspired by this George Lucas classic and there’s nothing to love more than that.