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Air India to Operate 70 Flights to US, Canada from June 11-30

Air India will fly to North America this month to allow entitled passengers to fly out from India. Apart from this, bringing stranded Indians back home.

H.S. Puri, the aviation minister, tweeted on Monday, “More flights being added to Mission Vande Bharat to empower stranded and distressed Indian to back. Air India (AI) will add 70 flights to the United States and Canada under phase 3 from June 11-30, 2020.”

The government has got many requests from resuming scheduled international flights, which were suspended till June 30. The government will think about it in July when to permit Air India reservations for international travel.

The aviation minister H.S. Puri tweeted on the topic on Monday, “Numerous citizens had approached us to resume International flights. Various factors need to be considered. Many international destinations are not permitting incoming passenger traffic, except for their people or diplomats.

Within India, most international flights will fly from the metros where passengers visit from neighboring cities or near-by states. Our metro cities were under various lockdown degrees, which began to lift off. Some of them are still permitting only a few flights to fly.”

Under Vande Bharat Mission’s third phase which will ferry travelers to several destinations in the US between June 9 and June 30. Here is a list of the destinations:

  1. New York
  2. Newark
  3. Chicago
  4. Washington D.C.
  5. San Francisco
  6. Vancouver
  7. Toronto

Normal International aviation flights will only start when possible. In the meantime under some form of limitation due to which fliers from other cities cannot travel to catch flights.

As we move towards the crucial mass of 50-60% operation of domestic flights, our capability to resume International air travel will also enhance,” the aviation minister tweeted on Monday.

Local air flights were allowed to continue at one-third of the original summer schedule last Monday. Under “unlock” the domestic flights’ wings, now airlines are free to add deployed capacity as per the requirements and needs while keeping the restrictions imposed by different states on flight handling and management at their airports like Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

Meanwhile, it’s the first time in airline history that reschedule tickets booked for travel at no extra charges, or get full payment back. Air India had allowed passengers, who had opted to fly during the lockdown before flights got canceled, to use the same air tickets to fly till August 24.

The Air India airlines that are committed to their fliers will be permitted to reschedule their air travel at no extra charge. Moreover, the fliers don’t even need to pay the difference, if any, in the fare.

If a traveler wants his/her payment back, the ticket fare charges will be returned to the customer without applying any cancellation charges. On the other hand, if the passenger wants to change the route, then only the rerouting fees will be charged. But a difference of fare will be applied, the airlines have stated in the communication.