Sono Bello

Sono Bello – A Reasonable Body Treatment Method For you

Cool Sculpting and Sono Bello are renowned procedures but which one a person should choose is something up to them. The method to be used should be considered carefully. Let us now examine each method in detail and compare them carefully as well.

Though boost immunity in COVID-19 has put everything and everyone in a lockdown. Summer is here but no one is stopping themselves from having a summer body. Though things are still in lockdown, let us share with you which one should you choose.

The need for body contouring treatment – when does it arise?

The side effect of our hectic and busy lives is excess fat in the human body. Resulting from overeating, obesity and associated lack of exercise, this affects the human body adversely. When people grow old, it becomes quite hard to keep that extra fat off the body.

When people grow old, it becomes quite hard to keep the fat off the body. This often results in health problems, especially in terms of mobility and cardiovascular health.

It is true that we all should be eating healthy and be exercising often too. Everyone does that periodically and they all have become fit too.

However, if people have fat in certain areas of the body that they want to get targeted and removed with ease, the best way to do it is a fat reduction procedure.  Fat reduction procedures become necessary whenever there is stubborn fat.

What to know about both Sono Bello and Cool Sculpting?

Sono Bello is a laser liposuction body contouring procedure that has been promoted extensively through numerous advertisements. The Sono Bello cost is however a cause of concern because this makes it less affordable than Cool Sculpting.

Cool Sculpting on the other hand is a non-surgical treatment process using targeted cooling in fat removal. Here are some factors of comparison to see which one is better.

Methods used

Though both Cool Sculpting and Sono Bello are renowned in cutting down fat, the procedures both of them use differ from one another.

Sono Bello is itself a laser liposuction method that extracts fat manually through incisions made in certain areas. Lasers hence make the fat easier to remove and also help in tightening skin in those areas. The fat is removed through liposuction syringes before laser treatment is applied.

Cool Sculpting uses cry lipolysis which freezes the fat. The treatment provider uses an applicator device to areas needing its use. The applicator sends precise cooling into the body through the skin which then freezes it.

Fat is more sensitive to cold in comparison to other tissues.

Areas that are treated

Sono Bello requires a surgeon to perform procedures on the body. On the other hand, Cool Sculpting needs no surgeon, its technology has made monumental improvements but faces limitations. With new options added since the procedure was created, it can now easily treat the following areas:

  1. Abdomen.
  2. Back.
  3. Arms.
  4. Double Chin Area.
  5. Male Chest.
  6. The area under the buttocks.
  7. Thighs.
  8. Flanks.

How invasive are the procedures?

A reason a patient choose Cool Sculpting over Sono Bello is that it is not invasive. It does not require any incisions nor usage of any injections. Sono Bello is a surgical procedure but is somehow invasive. It usually requires a surgeon, an operating room, and a set of instruments leading to procedures based on the incision. Whereas, Cool Sculpting does not require any of this.

Which one leaves scars behind

Cool Sculpting reduces fat and does not leave any scars behind because it is non-surgical in nature. Those who used it will look better. Hence, no one will ever know that they used a fat reduction procedure.

Sono Bello keeps scars to a minimum, but at times it can leave them behind.

Requirements for anesthesia?

Cool Sculpting does not require any anesthesia. Why? Because it is a non-surgical method of removing fat. Sono Bello on the other hand uses local anesthesia as it uses microinjections. People receiving treatment from Sono Bello will be awake during the procedure, but the areas from where fat is removed will be numb. Hence, they need help to go back home.

In CoolSculpting, people can visit the facility on their own and get the treatment done without feeling any pain.

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