Career Guide for Private Equity Jobs

Your Ultimate Career Guide for Private Equity Jobs

Many individuals are drawn towards a career in private equity jobs for many reasons like better compensation, better hours for working, and interesting work. This is the best place for those who have an interest in operations, investing, and are looking to build value for the organizations in the long run.

The job role in the private equity sector is mainly involved to gain capital from outside investors, called Limited Partners (LP), and use the raised capital to buy other firms, improve them and then sell them to get the returns on their investment. The job consists of part operational management, part fundraising, and part investing.

This industry is called “private” equity because the organizations, which private equity firms invest, are initially private or they become private because of the investment.

If a person is looking for a job in private equity firms, then they will need the following:

  • Top academic credentials that include grades, test scores, and university reputation
  • Good networking and better preparation for the interviews
  • Better and relevant work experience, which includes good knowledge of transactions.

Private equity skills

The private equity career attracts individuals who possess these things:

  • People who are highly attentive to details.
  • Those who focus on achieving more and are willing to work long
  • Individuals who are interested in cracking deals
  • Take risks rather than just investing in public organizations
  • Show interest in operations and investing
  • Use critical thinking to evaluate organizations rather than just selling or by just being an agent.
  • Willing to be a part of long-term projects that include building a portfolio organization across many years
  • Interested to do non-deal work like fundraising and monitoring the organization.
  • Must possess the ability to think critically about investments and organizations.
  • Soft skills to be a right fit in the private equity firms.

Not just these, if an individual possesses good technical skills, then it will be a great advantage. Those skills include:

Jobs in private equity

One can earn really well if they are into any of the private equity jobs. The career path in the private equity and hierarchy changes from one firm to the other.  Here is a representative example:

·  Private equity Analyst

  • Entry-level job focused on Logistical deals.
  • Base Salary – $100-$150K 
  • Time for promotion to next level – 2-3 years

·  Associate

  • focused on deals and analytics
  • Base Salary – $150-$300K   
  • Time for promotion to next level – 2-3 years

·  Senior Associate

  • Sourcing deals, handling transactions, and monitoring organizations in the firm’s portfolio
  • Base Salary – $250-$400K
  • Time for promotion to next level – 2-3 years

·  Vice President

  • Manager of deals
  • Base Salary – $350-$500K          
  • Time for promotion to next level – 3-4 years

·  Principal or Director

  • Negotiator as well as Generator of deals.
  • Base Salary – $500-$800K          
  • Time for promotion to next level – 3-4 years

·  Managing Director or Partner

  • Fundraiser and Chief Representative
  • Base Salary – $700-$2M      

Top PE firms

Here is a list of top private equity firms where an individual can start their career in the private equity sector.

  • Apollo Global Management Inc.
  • Warburg Pincus LLC
  • KKR & Co. Inc.
  • The Blackstone Group Inc. –
  • Neuberger Berman Group LLC
  • The Carlyle Group Inc.
  • Bain Capital LP
  • CVC Capital Partners
  • Vista Equity Partners M
  • EQT AB

End Notes

If you are seeking private equity jobs then brush up your skills in the mentioned aspects and know where to apply so that you can grow as well as make a better impact in the firm you are joining.

Make sure to perfect your CV, and mention the relevant details in it that include academic qualifications, deals that you have done, and your interests. These basics will help you to land up in a good firm in a better position.