Expensive Men Perfumes

The Most Expensive Men Perfumes to Find in the Market!

Women spending extravagantly on beauty products used to be trouble for men around the world (as they always say)! But, nowadays, the brands and market trends seem to give an equal opportunity to the men as well!

It has been recently learned that men are now spending even more money than women to maintain their lifestyle and public appearance. These expenditures owe to expensive “toys” and purchases like luxury cars, expensive watches, branded clothes, and, of course, designer perfumes. Following the supply and demand law smartly, perfume houses have dedicated years to developing exclusive men perfumes for the elite of super-rich men.

Here is the list of the most expensive men perfumes you can find at department stores:

  1. Clive Christian No. 1 Pure Perfume: The absurdly expensive priced perfume is not a nuisance for the wealthiest men across the world. This is officially the most expensive perfume for men, and its continents glorify its story. An original royal badge on its package and the scarce ingredients make this fragrance desired among the richest men on earth.
  2. Clive Christian 1872: Created by the same perfume house, this scent, with its exclusiveness, wins the hearts of the fans who yearn for luxurious perfumes. The intense citrus freshness ensures a rich scent that lasts for hours. This perfume is traditionally designed using all-natural ingredients.
  3. Straight to Heaven by Kilian: The name of this perfume gives you enough glimpse of the journey you’re setting onto. Exotic and evocative tones of hot summer and tropical nights, this perfume is impressive and takes you to heaven with its exquisite composition, inspired by Cuban rum. 
  4. Caron Poivre: Created a century ago, this extraordinary perfume is among the most wanted men perfumes for those who can afford it even today. Its crystal bottle decorated with white gold designs and rare components gathers love from all. Not to skip, yet women are a massive fan of this fragrance.
  5. Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien: This elegant fragrance occupies the place correctly as deserved. It is the most desired perfume with inspiration from the Italian south. It is one of the most illustrative scents of the 20th century.
  6. Clive Christian C Perfume: The most fantastic story about his scent is that if a couple wears the men’s and women’s variants together, its fragrance will last for 24 hours! This exclusivity of the smell came as it was designed after the women’s variant of the same scent. 
  7. Ambre Topkapi: This is the Eau de cologne that has a world glory of conquering the perfumery world with its masculine power. Inspired by the Orient, spicy notes, and wooden base. This Eau de Cologne is intense and enigmatic and keeps the freshness going all through the day. It enhances the masculinity and adds style-statement to the personality of the man wearing it.
  8. L’eau Serge Lutens: Think of freshly touched linen or a delicate natural soap. This perfume spreads around fresh and vivid aromas. Delicate ingredients like citruses, magnolia, rose, and amber gives it a pure scent that would perfectly fit every gentleman who prefers unostentatious scents.
  9. Serge Lutens’ Borneo 1834: Recognized in the world of perfumes as one of the best, this fragrance is warm and sensual. The perfect amalgamation of patchouli and cocoa is perplexing during the first notes but unthinkingly satisfies even the most refined gentleman’s senses.
  10. Eau de Vert Eau de Parfum Spray by Miller Harris: Meant for both men and women, this fragrance has bold citrus notes that open its composition but are soon beaten by the mature character of the perfume. The powerful mayoram and geranium based notes follow to build up a strong scent that attracts the sensory organs!

Dream to possess any one of these Expensive Perfume for Men? Share with us in the comments which one you liked the most!