MBA Sports Management

Why Study MBA Sports Management in 2021

Well! Well! Well! It’s an excellent choice and, of course, a little offbeat in India. It’s not so in Europe or the USA. But the scenario is slightly different in India. For example, Soccer is the most popular sport worldwide and is a money churner, but not in India. MBA Sports Management Monetarily Soccer is a distant second cousin to the game of Cricket in India. The difference forces us to discuss the topics in the Indian context exclusively here and devote another blog to other affluent countries.

That’s why it needs courage to choose a professional degree/diploma course in Sports Management in India.But remember one thing, MBA is a course meant and designed for professionals. Do not jump for a professional-course only because you have got a chance to get an admission! It’s not like joining to a fancy laughing club. If you are a sports-enthusiastic to the core and want to make it your career path, only then it’s a great choice! To make a successful career, you need a passion to pursue your goal.

The Market of Sports Management

The integration of childhood passion with the career objective is an ideal combination to reach the zenith. A professional qualification like MBA is an excellent boost. Remember, the sports industry is a money churner. The global sports market was $488.5 billion in 2018, and the forecast was to reach $ 614 billion marks by 2022.

The sports market has different segments, like participatory sports and spectator sports. All spectator sports are necessarily participatory though the reverse is not.

Games like football, basketball, cricket, hockey, etc., are all spectator sports, and games like skiing, golf, bowling, etc., are participatory sports. The emerging market of e-sports is another example of participatory sports and growing at an exponential rate. The ravaging pandemic is expected to give it a further boost. Though, the ongoing pandemic stumped every growth forecast. However, the long confinement due to lockdown boosted the e-sports market manifold.

A Career in Sports Management in India

To pursue a career in sports management, the first requirement is passion, and the second requirement is proper knowledge. For that, you need education. You can enroll in any MBA Program of Sports Management in any of the top colleges for MBA in Sports Management in India.

It is needless to explain the criteria/eligibility for the MBA program, which is available on the internet. (In short, graduation from any recognized University with an aggregate of 50% or higher and qualify in MAT/CAT/CMAT/GMAT or any other eligibility test).

Depending on your overall performance, you will be eligible for admission to the Sports Management MBA Program. It’s a standard two-years course, and the fee will be anything between 1.80K to 9.90K INR.

The course duration is four semesters and will end after the submission of the final project.

The Funding factors in India

The course is not very cheap, and the chances of getting funding apart from bank finance are remote. And as the matter stands, unless you have high-value collateral, chances of bank finance is low. Though, banks are not supposed to ask for collateral against education loans for less than 400K INR for a course in India. But who cares? In monetary terms, if your father/guarantor is a high-value customer of the bank and your exam scores are fair you, stand a chance. Un-officially if the financial standing/net-worth of your father/guarantor is weak, then there is a problem. In that case, you need an exceptional score-card in all your prior exams and probably a hundred percentile score in CAT to qualify for an education loan OR a high-value third-party guarantor. Remember, your parent(s) must be a co-applicant for the loan. And in the unlikely case of being married, your spouse and parent(s)-in-Law are also eligible to be a co-applicant.

The margin for loans up to 400K is 5% and above that is 15%. The ceiling of an education loan for studying in India under the Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme is 750K INR.

Selection of the Institute

It is of utmost importance to select the best MBA Sports Management program for your career. Because at the end of the day, you will either join the industry or remain in academics. If you plan to in the industry, make sure that your target college has an excellent placement history. Remember, a 100% placement guarantee has no meaning unless you know who the recruiters are. So, take care, and don’t mess it up. That’s why it is essential to know where the previous pass-outs got their placements.

Career path

After passing out, you can join the industry or can choose academics. But for academics, you need something more. A Ph.D. is a must if you want to stay in academics. But with a professional qualification in the kitty, only a few opts for academics.

Before the pandemic, the job market was worldwide, but now it has narrowed down. Moreover, the accelerated downturn of the economy is pinching every industry someway or other. The sports industry is no exception. If you are completing your MBA in Sports Management in the next session or have completed it in the current year, the situation is a bit dicey. But that should not be a deterrent after all the professional training imbued you with a sense to look for the opportune moment. Grab it with your every might.


To sum up the discussion, please note that an MBA in Sports Management is not easy going; all management courses are grueling. If you want to prove your mettle, stake your every grit, tenacity, and passion for scoring high. Honesty to your commitment, profession, hard work and passion for the industry is a decider. There is no short cut to glory.