acting college

What is the acting college audition panel looking for?

At any acting college audition, the tutors and audition panel may look scary and strict but all they want are the best students to fill their courses. It is one of the most challenging and tough jobs for them. They just want an active group of students who are willing to support one another and learn together along the duration of their acting course. 

They want talented students who have a deep desire to become an actor, who can complete the entire course and make a name and impact in the industry. Every student doesn’t have the same spark. Of course, you never know when life makes you change your career. 

When it comes to interview and audition the applicants, the selection panel wants some desirable and important qualities in the acting college near me. They may ask you to perform and prepare some pieces and do some tasks. You will also have to figure out why you need to work as a team and in small groups instead doing all on your own. Any acting college usually takes a few months to audition students, check applications and finally shortlist the chosen few. Here’s the rundown of some of the desirable and vital qualities an acting college wants –  


You need to prove that you are serious for the profession and that you are committed enough to start your career after you graduate from the college.

Application form 

They just want to ensure that your spoken and written English skills are fluent with application form and you can easily convey your feelings and thoughts efficiently and clearly. 

Why are you joining this course?

They will want to ensure that all the training and studies they get will be worth their effort and you will benefit from them. Even at the stage of audition, you should tell exactly what you are going to do with the training you will get. 

Your interpretation

You don’t always have to show your acting or singing talent. You also want to prove that you are able to interpret, grasp and embody a piece of music or dramatic text.

Do you have the right skills for training?

They will need to ensure that you have all the physical, vocal, emotional and imaginative skills to train. It’s not about being a pro performer if you are applying for an acting school. 

Can you participate in a group actively?

It is one of the most vital qualities to ensure that you can participate in any demanding situation or groups actively. Performing and acting is all about teamwork. We are not talking about being a solo star. You will be working with different departments in the real world of acting, say from costume to lighting, casting and media. You also need to work with fellow actors. This is why it is very vital to improvise at auditions. 

What are the qualities you need to join acting college?

Risk taking abilities 

They will ensure that you are ready to take risks and you have a receptive, curious and open mind to become a good actor.

Hard work and passion

Acting college doesn’t want idle performers. They want students who are ambitious, hard working, and focused on their part. A normal day may last around 12 hours at an acting school and you may even work on weekends sometimes. 

Ability to portray an imaginary character

Ability to inhabit and portray a fictional character or situation is one of the key requirements to become a good actor. It doesn’t matter if it is from a text or improvised.

Sound vocal, imaginative and physical skills 

You should also have good vocal, physical, emotional and imaginative skills with great theatrical potential. You must be able to bring any character to life with your performance.