Types of Marketing and Their Influence on the Business World

Since the beginning of time, trading and commerce has always been one of the most important things that has helped human beings survive in this world. However, the main motive of trading has changed now and it is more about making a profit rather than just surviving in this world. Do not misunderstand, human beings can still not survive, however business organizations are now more focused on profit maximization. Let’s just say that is how the influence business world has evolved.

According to Darwinism, this world is a place where only the fittest survive. “Survival of the fittest”, the phrase which is mostly referred to when talking about surviving in the ruthless business world. Now, if you think about it, the race to be the fittest among business organizations across the globe has led to many discoveries, resulting in the betterment of human kind.

Furthermore, business organization all over the world are now focused on creating highly desirable products and this is to capture the maximum market share. Now, to be successful in a tough environment like this, business organizations must be aiming to be highly productive and need to come up with effective strategies, which will help them build a stronger relationship with their target audiences worldwide.

Marketing and How It Has Helped Brands

The approach towards attracting people has not always been the same in the business world. In fact, you would be surprised to know that there was no concept of marketing in the early days. People were living in a product oriented market, where the supply created its own demand. However, things are totally the opposite now, the customer is regarded as the king and the demand is what drives the supply of the products into the market.

Types of Marketing


Marketing is quite a vast term. However, to make things simple for understanding, you can say that it is a way through, which organizations are using to understand their target audiences in a better way. Through marketing brands have been able to not only find out what their target audiences are looking for but also have been successfully discovered better and more creative ways to reach them and create awareness and build stronger relationships with them.

There are two basic types of marketing:

Modern Marketing:

Modern marketing is the approach towards marketing, which is being seen nowadays. The use of digital technologies and other means to reach out to and persuade target audiences can be known as the modern approach of marketing. Essentially, here are certain ways through which business organizations are marketing nowadays.

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing to put it simply, is all the marketing activity, which is done through digital means. This includes online marketing, content marketing, email marketing, promotional blogging, social media marketing and much more.

Now, all these types of marketing are further divided into various forms for example, if you talk about content marketing, then it is further divided into marketing done through content and there are three basic types of content such as video content, audio content and written content. An example of video content can be taken from the videos that you see regularly on youtube. For audio content, again you can take example of youtube and the songs that you listen on it.

However, if you talk about written content then this branch of content can be further classified into many other categories such as:


Blogging is, simply when a writer informally or formally, uses a conversational tone to express their thoughts by writing online. There are many blogging websites out there and you can see many people creating their blogs on social media as well.

Wikipedia pages:

Many brands are constantly in search for professional Wikipedia editors for hire, who can help edit and write on Wikipedia pages. Even though wikis are essentially for creating awareness but then again, so is marketing.

Email Marketing:

Composing emails to reach out to a large number of people has proven to be one of the most earliest ways of digital marketing and it also falls under the category of written content.

Traditional Marketing:

Before the internet came along, business organizations were still using techniques to reach out and influence their target audiences. These methods of marketing are known as traditional marketing. Some of the most famous traditional marketing ways are as follow:

Television Ads:

Using the power of conventional media to reach out and influence target audience has been one of the most well-known and effective ways of marketing for many years, even now.


Promotion done through radio and brands reaching out to their target audience through radio is also one of the most renowned ways of traditional marketing.

Bill Boards:

Huge ads placed on large boards on roadsides and sometimes even buildings to capture the attention of people and creating an influence on target audiences is categorized as bill boards marketing and falls under traditional marketing influence approach.