E-Commerce Business

Definitive Guide For Setting Up An E-Commerce Business In Dubai, UAE

E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing economic segments in the UAE. Research shows that 60 percent of the UAE population make online purchases regularly. The number of people who spend tends to be higher when compared to regional and international markets. The average number of single E-Commerce Business transactions in the UAE is above $ 300, and if you distinguish this to Saudi people who spend $ 90, and those in France are spending $ 94, you can see the appeal of the market.

Why Should You Start an Ecommerce Business In UAE?

Some factors have contributed to the UAE’s global E-commerce position, including the emergence of startups and consumers who understand technology in this country. More importantly, the UAE government plays a vital role in strengthening smart transactions between businesses and consumers today by expanding cash payment options for various government purchases and services in this country.

Dubai Has Growing Ecommerce Market

UAE has the fastest growing and latest e-commerce market with a value of around US$ 10 billion. More than 60% of buyers are based in Dubai. So it is very wise to set up an e-commerce company in Dubai. Recently, the Dubai government has also launched the new Dubai Ecommerce strategy, making Dubai city a global logistics hub for the middle east. 

Support for New Business Setup

The UAE government always supports and encourages the new business setup in Dubai Freezones. Dubai Freezones has many benefits like reduced taxes, low operating cost, and good professional networking opportunities. 

Good Infrastructure

Dubai is ranked on top of its world-class infrastructure. There are world-class facilities in office space, and they come at reasonable prices and leasing options. In specific settings, you may need the help of local sponsors for UAE residents to help you buy a place. In some instances, foreign nationals are not allowed to buy the property. It means you have to accept your call accordingly.

Logistics Support

Most logistics and support systems support e-commerce businesses. Without the appropriate logistics strategy, every e-commerce business can be stopped. In Dubai, you can choose third-party logistics support partners, or you can build your logistics. Depending on the cost that can be burned by business, you must make a call if you want to outsource or logistics in-house as a business owner.

How to Setup an Ecommerce Business In Dubai, UAE?

Preparation for a company in Dubai can be done directly when you visit the country or online. These are the typical steps you need to go through to set:

Choose Right Business Jurisdiction

Make the right choice of location for starting an e-commerce business in Dubai. Choosing between free zones and the mainland depends on your business activity. Decide the factors from which your business can get more benefits in the form of market reach and scalability. 

Get License From Dubai DED

Get the trade license from the Dubai Department of economic development. You will require a local business partner who can help you to get the business license. The local license has many benefits like you don’t have to depend on the external product distributors because you can have your own warehouse space in Dubai. 

Launch Ecommerce Website

The most crucial aspect of your e-commerce business is your website. It may take a few moments to build and test your website, but you need to spend time and effort because you will function as your stage to show off your product or service, a platform to get and interact with customers, and your primary tool to benefit. So to build a website that generates income, you must still check user hospitality, web maintenance, safe hosting, and the use of cellphones, among other things.

Include The Payment Gateways

If you plan to set up an eCommerce business, then it is essential to have various payment options for your customers on the website. Integrate a secure system for payments that includes payment through cards, cash, and other methods. 

Marketing Your Business

After your company is ready to be launched in the market, and after having everything, everything is still boiling to your marketing strategy. The best way to do this is to target the right market for your products and services. As a result, make an effective marketing plan that harmonizes your products and services with your target consumer needs and desires.

Customer Service

It is essential to create customer service guides before the launch of your business, so you don’t need to redeem them and can provide a standard professional service level from the first day. Just as customers who are happy to increase brand awareness, unhappy customers can persuade others to provide your e-commerce opportunities.

Setting up an e-commerce business is a very easy process. However, if you still find it difficult to set up a business in Dubai on your own, you can take the help of business setup consultants in Dubai. Take professional advice from the trusted company set up firms. The professionals will guide you through the complete business setup process.