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15 Traffic Strategies To Get Hike in Monthly Visitors

best ways to get traffic and boost your rankings

For the longest time, I have been hearing people say that article marketing is one of the best 15 traffic strategies to get hike in your monthly visitors. I’m here to tell you from personal experience that article marketing and travel guest post is one of the best ways to get traffic and boost your rankings on the search engines. There are a lot of strategies that can help you get better rankings but article marketing is unique in that it can give your website an instant boost for your articles. For this reason, a lot of marketers are using article marketing as one of their 15 traffic strategies to get a hike in their rankings. Here are some benefits of getting traffic with article marketing:

o It is the fastest way to increase your visibility on search engines. A lot of people would look for an answer to a problem or they will search for a topic that has something to do with what they are looking for. If you have an answer to their problem or if you have fresh content on your website, there is a big chance that people will be searching for them. When they do search for them, more chances for traffic will result.

Choose the right article directories

o When people do search on the search engines, your article will show up in the top results. It is very important to make sure that you submit your article to article directories because this will increase your chance of getting more exposure. Be sure to choose the right article directories because there are some that will not allow your article to be used. Focus on quality articles and you should have no problem getting accepted to the best ones.

o The more backlinks you will have come from your article, the more chance you have of increasing your site traffic. Backlinks are like votes for your site. If more people vote for your article, the higher chance you have of ranking high on search engine results. In order to get more traffic, you need to have a lot of backlinks from relevant sites.

on There are a lot of blogs and message boards on the internet that have a lot of traffic. These places are perfect for you to advertise your site. Most of the time, they are free to join and you can get better traffic from them than from any paid advertising method. You can leave a link back to your site from every post you make on these forums related to travel blog guest posts.

o Social media is a very powerful marketing strategy that can really help you increase traffic. If you have a blog or a video that is regularly updated, you will surely get a lot of people following you on Twitter or Facebook. The more people who follow you, the more chances you have of having more traffic for free.

social networking profile

o Article marketing is another one of the best strategies to increase traffic to your website. There are a lot of people who use article marketing to increase their ranking on search engine results. Once they rank well on search engines, you will be sure to get more traffic because people would want to learn about your business. Aside from article marketing, you can also use social networking like Twitter and Facebook to increase traffic to your site. These two are the most popular means of marketing online. You can post links from your website to your social networking profile and vice versa.

If you are still new in online business, you should definitely learn more about these strategies to get a hike in traffic to your site. These strategies will surely help you improve your site’s ranking in search engines and at the same time, boost traffic to your website. It will be very easy for you to implement these strategies once you master them. Once you have mastered them, you will surely find it very easy to implement other traffic generation strategies as well. You can be one of the successful online entrepreneurs by applying these proven strategies.